Answering Service Birmingham Alabama

Located in Jefferson County in the southern state of Alabama, Birmingham is not only the state’s biggest city but is also its financial headquarters. Birmingham was established in 1871, not long after the American civil war as an industrial focal point. Birmingham’s excellent location at an important crossing in the Alabama railroads, as well as its rich supply of iron, coal and limestone has led to its rapid growth. Birmingham sprang up and grew at an astonishing rate, becoming the south’s equivalent of highly industrial production centers such as Pittsburgh, specializing in steel and iron production.

Although the blue collar workforce remains an important part of the economy of Birmingham, Alabama, other industries such as banking and finance, medical and car insurance, science and biotechnology, and publishing have set roots and continue to play a significant role in the success of the city. These flourishing companies, many of which are included in the list of Fortune 500 companies, have gained Birmingham, Alabama recognition as one of the uppermost cities for increased income in recent years.

If you are part of the booming workforce in Birmingham, Alabama, you know the importance of having all the right tools in order to be successful. With local Birmingham, Alabama clients as well as clients all over the world trying to contact you, it is important to be available during and after business hours. An answering service in Birmingham, AL is a must-have addition to your company in order to remain at the top of the game. Let’s look at just a few of the industries that rely on a Birmingham, Answering service. Doctors: an effective answering service is crucial so that you can be available for medical emergencies. Plumbers, Technicians, and contractors must be notified when there are sudden schedule changes and household emergencies. Sales representatives need to make sure they receive messages from potential clients, whether they are on the road traveling, or busy with important meetings and presentations. Medium and large-sized corporations must have an answering service for their call centers. Insurance companies rely on answering service to answer frequently asked questions by consumers and can provide the communications necessary in the event of a disaster.

Answering Service Care has been serving the 205 Area code for over 35 years. They provide a Birmingham, Answering service that is easy to use and that is specialized for the local Birmingham, Alabama community. Our answering service is equipped with local and toll free numbers, call forwarding, phone order taking, message retrieval, and bilingual custom call greeting. Using one or our phone numbers may expand your call volume because your simultaneous call quantity is only limited by our systems, where your phone is limited. To expand our service to all community members, our Alabama answering service is available in English and Spanish. We will customize our answering service to fit your exact needs and reduce your daily responsibilities. Our answering service can cut down your work load by routing calls, taking orders by phones, appointment scheduling, and automated response to frequently asked questions.