6 Simple Ways to Improve Customer Service

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In today’s competitive business climate amidst an ongoing pandemic, delivering amazing customer service is vital. Without quality customer service protocols in place, you run the risk of losing the most valued part of your business (hint: they don’t call it “customer” service for nothing). Here are six simple ways that you can improve your customer service efforts to deliver a better experience.

  1. Be available when your customers need you. As online sales continue to grow, so have customer expectations. Offering 24/7 customer service is no longer considered an extraordinary feature of a company; it’s now something that customers have come to expect. If you don’t have the budget or resources to hire around-the-clock receptionists, consider outsourcing. As one of the best 24/7 live answering services, our team is available to provide friendly customer support while your office is closed.
  2. Be reachable via text message. Gone are the days where the telephone is the only way to provide customer service. People have more ways than ever to communicate today, and text messaging has emerged as one of the most popular. Billions of text messages are sent each day, and your customers want (and expect) to be able to text your business. Being reachable via text and delivering quick responses is a simple, effective way to impress your customers. If you’re interested in providing customer support via text but don’t have time or resources, talk to us about our text messaging answering services!
  3. Deliver personalized customer service. There is no question that offering personalized customer service will yield big results for your organization. You can do this by using the customer’s first name, offering personalized recommendations, anticipating their needs, and giving your customer service representatives the freedom to be authentic in their interactions.
  4. Take customer feedback seriously. Many businesses encourage customers to leave feedback but do nothing with it. In order to make proper customer service the cornerstone of your business plan, you need to take this feedback seriously. This includes responding to and acting on feedback that is both positive and negative. Because customer feedback is a leading indicator of satisfaction with your brand, it is imperative that you do not ignore the red flags.
  5. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and act accordingly. Being actively empathetic to your customers can go a long way in showing that you value their business. This means that you need to put yourself in their shoes and consider how you would react in their situation. Once you take on this mindset, you will be able to respond to their needs and concerns appropriately.
  6. Be responsive on social media. While it is important to be responsive to your clients across a wide array of mediums, it is crucial to be as fast as possible when they reach out to you via social media. The nature of social media necessitates a swift response on your end. Failing to do so may result in negative feedback that can spread like wildfire throughout your social media presence, making your business look bad.

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