Answering Services for Attorneys

It takes a special kind of individual to be a great attorney.

Detail-oriented, passionate and knowledgeable, great attorneys have a lot of common traits. But answering the phone doesn’t have to be one of them. By outsourcing receptionist services to an answering service for attorneys, legal professionals can concentrate on what they do best while callers feel cared for.

Here are three reasons why answering services for attorneys make sense:

Answering services for attorneys can help with call screening.

All of the incoming calls to your law office aren’t created equally. But if a staff member or full-time onsite receptionist is answering those calls when they come in, they are all being treated equally (and expensively). The virtual receptionists of answering services for attorneys can screen incoming calls to determine whether the caller would be a good fit for the firm, and how the firm might be able to help. Virtual receptionists handle all calls with professionalism and courtesy, all while asking the right questions.

Answering services for attorneys can set appointments and get new clients ready for their first appointment.

Once a call has been screened by the virtual receptionist, he or she can proceed with setting up an appointment for the incoming caller. Appointment-setting is a routine activity that your onsite staff doesn’t have to focus on. It’s also a simple one to outsource through answering services for attorneys. Appointment setting services can be prepped with basic intake questions and FAQ material that will set the appointment and help prep for the meeting or event. They can act as a vital link between the attorney and new client.

Answering services for attorneys can save time – and money!

Virtual receptionists can help free you and your staff up to focus on all of the important legal matters at hand. This time can be spent focusing on current cases and providing clients with excellent in-office customer service. Answering services for attorneys can become an extension of your firm and improve your overall productivity.

By opening up your phone lines to 24/7 live call answering with a virtual receptionist, you can increase your hours of operation without raising your costs significantly. An answering service for attorneys is much more cost-effective than hiring full-time staff. Virtual receptionists can work remotely over high quality call center technology, without the higher prices of full time employees.

Being a great attorney means outsourcing where you can. Working with an answering service for attorneys can save time, save money and improve your clients’ experience with your firm.


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