Industry Spotlight: Answering Services for Construction Companies

If your company makes construction happen, chances are you need an answering service.

Construction companies face unique challenges in availability, time management and customer service that can be made easier and even overcome with a professional answering service.

Contractors and construction companies are some of the busiest professionals. The time spent planning, executing and finishing building projects is mostly spent outside of the office and onsite. Incoming phone calls need to be handled promptly, but it’s difficult to do it yourself if you and your team are located at a noisy job site or on the road.

Here’s why answering services make sense for construction companies:

You can stay flexible and remote.

With an answering service, your employees don’t have to stay chained to their desks (which is impossible in this industry) – and they don’t have to worry about missing calls.

A live receptionist can take incoming calls, and provide prospects and customers with the help they need. If the call needs to reach someone remotely, it can easily be transferred or patched through. The caller on the other end doesn’t even need to know that your U.S.-based receptionist is a few states away. You’re free to stay flexible and remote as your job requires, and your customers don’t have to be frustrated with an automated phone system.

You can provide a better customer experience.

In a crowded marketplace, the experience you provide for your customers counts.

This is increasingly important as the construction industry continues to comeback from the recession. While automated phone system messages technically answer the phone, the quality and customer experience just isn’t there. You need your company to make a mark from the first ring. Working with an answering service for construction companies can help you create the customer experience that can build to repeat business. Virtual receptionists can facilitate price quotes, schedule appointments for your construction company and so much more.

You can run your business 24/7.

You don’t have to have your doors open all of the time to provide great customer service and assistance.

With an answering service for construction companies, you can have calls professionally answered “off the clock.” If there’s an emergency, your virtual receptionist can get in touch with you, or if not they can simply provide the help that a client needs. Reaching a friendly voice, rather than a voicemail message, after hours can make the difference in your customers; perception of your business– and make the difference in case of a construction emergency.

You can save money.

Working with an answering service for construction companies isn’t free – but it’s more cost-effective than you might think.

When you compare the rates of virtual receptionist services with on-site full-time help, the savings are clear. Combining that with the added value of never missing a call again and providing 24/7 coverage for incoming calls, and it’s clear that an answering service helps you save money and shift your budget to more important areas.

Answering services for construction companies can help you capture new business, provide excellent customer service and improve your customers’ perception of your company.

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