Answering Services for IT Help Desks

IT Help Desk Answering Service

As the average consumer uses more technology in his or her day-to-day life, the chance that technology will cause problems for that user increases.

Of course, that’s where IT companies come to the rescue. Computers, mobile devices and tablets all need support from time to time – and many consumers have no idea how to solve their own problems. When a customer calls in, they want to be greeted promptly, be listened to and have their issue solved as soon as possible.

IT companies and answering services. However, many IT companies miss the mark by having calls go to an automated help line – or by putting frustrated customers on hold so the call “can be answered by the next agent available.”

If you want your IT company to win points with consumers, you have to go the extra mile. Fortunately, answering services can help you do just that. With an IT answering service to support your help desk agents, you can streamline the process for incoming callers, save your desk agents time and earn a stellar reputation with customers.

Virtual receptionists from a professional answering service can help your IT business:

  • Support customers around the clock – Problems with technology don’t always happen only between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. With an answering service, you can have virtual receptionists answer incoming calls 24/7 and then route true emergencies to the on-call tech support agent when necessary.
  • Handle Tier 1 help desk call volume – Incoming calls have varying degrees of need, and that can’t be sorted out until someone takes down basic information and makes a judgment call on the type of support that is needed. Your best help desk agents don’t need to handle this basic intake. With an answering service, virtual agents can take Tier 1 calls, handle basic trouble shooting steps and then escalate the calls to your staff if need be.
  • Increase levels of customer service – No one wants to be put on hold or be greeted by an automated answering service when they have a problem with technology. With an answering service, a live receptionist will answer each and every call, which helps customers feel more supported and attended to. As a result, your customers feel like you value their business and are more likely to recommend you to others.

Although IT and technology companies have unique needs, answering services are still a great fit for most (if not all) of them and their callers. With the support of a great professional answering service, your company can handle call volume and customer demand with ease.

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