Follow Me Case Study

The Situation

“As an independent contractor I am always on the go – running back and forth between the office, my clients, home improvement stores and home. Because of this contacting me can be difficult as I am rarely in one location” – Jim Reiner, Owner of JR Contractors

The Challenge

Jim did not want to use his personal mobile number for business purposes and having multiple numbers could result in confusion.

The Solution

Follow Me allowed Jim to finally stop worrying about missing calls and focus on what really mattered, making his clients happy. It is the prefect solution for business men who are always ‘on the go’ and because the calls can be routed to different individuals within the company it increases the likelihood of the call being answered.

When Jim Reiner opened JR Contractors in October of 2001 he sat at the top of a repair contracting monopoly in Idabel Oklahoma for at least a ten mile radius. Today there are about four other contracting firms within the same distance so unavoidably each company will have to compete to earn and keep new clients.

“It is much harder operating a contracting company today than it was ten years ago, back then the residents of Idabel basically had one option but today they have many; several of which are known brands” Jim commented. “For a short period I even feared that I would be forced out of business.”

No matter the industry you are in one thing is certain – in order to grow you need to expand your clientele list. But how is this possible if you continue to miss the calls of your prospects? Jim explained that this was his biggest issue, constantly missing calls or not being able to respond in a timely manner. In 2002 when he hired his first receptionist, Jim thought this would amend his issues with missing calls, but to his surprise he realized that calls would still sometimes go unanswered while the receptionist was on the phone.

For years Jim searched for a solution, “last year I even thought about hiring a second receptionist, but that would not be very cost effective so I dismissed the idea” he shared. In the mean time another issue was creating a major problem for JR Contractors, the other contracting firms now offered emergency services and had representatives on call 24/7. He decided JR Contracting would need to adapt this trait to continue to maintain its competitiveness and decided to hire an answering service to handle after hours calls.

“Deciding to hire a repair contracting answering service was very frightening – trusting another company to take care of my company didn’t sit well with me, but I figured it was for the best” Jim commented. “After we came across Answering Service Care they had one feature in particular that I knew would change the course of my business, Follow Me.”

After Jim learned about Follow Me solutions he decided to integrate it into his business’ call handling process. Using his new local number Jim re-marketed his business but this time he was equipped with a secret weapon. After working closely with the Answering Service Care team a call flow was designed to better suit small businesses like JR Contractors. Once a prospect called the company the call would ring at the receptionist for twenty seconds, if the call is not answered within that time frame it would escalate to a higher tier and begin ringing the cell phones of the three contractors that are hired by the company and all available numbers for Jim, the owner. Both of these tiers allowed a representative of the business to answer the call. This system proved of great benefit to Jim and his employees and he was sure that he would no longer miss valuable telephone calls to his company.

It has been over one year since Jim first started using Follow Me, and this is what he has to say:

“The only regret I have is that I did not find out about it earlier. Not only did we begin to get more new clients but for the first time in about five years I saw a significant growth in our company. As a matter of fact during the December holiday season we were so busy I was forced to hire another contractor. Follow Me was one of the best decision I made for my business.”

Follow Me truly empowers individuals to be free, and focus on the more important aspect of your business. Here are the other main reasons Jim appreciates Follow Me:

  • Calls only go to the answering service when no one available – the staff at Answering Service Care is great; however I never completely accepted the idea of outsourcing any aspect of my business. Follow Me allows me to have an answering service but only use it when I have to.
  • My business can be mobile
  • I will always have the opportunity to answer each call that my office receives.

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