Follow Me Services

Follow Me Routes Calls Seamlessly

This is part two in a two-part series about the many benefits of the Follow Me services for businesses and service providers of all sizes. Read part 1.

Here are some more real-life examples of how our business clients use Follow Me:

You represent a law firm that potential clients call when in accidents or other unexpected urgent situations. Often, these prospects will call different firms until they find one that answers their call directly. In other words, if you don’t answer promptly and/or you route callers directly to voicemail, you may lose the case before you even had a chance to win it. Follow Me routes your urgent call – and your often-frantic caller – quickly and seamlessly to a human representative of your firm (or legal answering service) who can respond and help immediately.

You’re a member of a busy real estate team that prides itself on around-the-clock service. Never miss a call about a showing or a potential deal again! When it’s your day or time of day, re-configure the service to ring your home, work and/or cell so that your buyers and sellers can speak to you directly and without delay. Of course, some days in the real estate business are busier than others. For instance, Sundays may be your most phone-heavy day, and you can easily use Follow Me to anticipate and receive these calls in real-time. 

You run a fence repair company with two locations– you’re busy but you don’t have a lot of staff. As the sole person answering the phone for your bustling business, you are responsible for answering the phone whenever it rings, at either of your locations, from your home or from the road. With Follow Me, calls are routed to wherever you are immediately and seamlessly. In the event that you are busy and unable to reach the phone and respond to the call personally, it will roll over to your answering service. After-hours, you may set up something different, depending on where you are and whether you are able to attend to the phone personally. This tool allows you to be flexible, cost-efficient (reducing telephony fees, as well as salaries you’d have to pay additional employees to answer the phone) and to have great peace of mind knowing your calls are always covered, no matter where you are or how busy the day gets. 

Beyond all of the obvious benefits, it’s also important to remember that using Follow Me also allows you to keep all of your actual phone numbers private and to have one virtual or toll-free number that is used publicly.

The ease-of-configuration and easy-to-edit rules for what calls go where make Follow Me a favorite service for small businesses, legal and other professional firms, medical/healthcare practices and repair/service providers alike.