Get Through Tax Season with an Answering Service for Accountants

Accounting Answering Service

As soon as the holiday’s end, CPAs and accountants across the United States begin bracing for the busy tax season. January to April is typically the most demanding stretch of an accountant’s year. The 60-hour, six-day workweeks can be challenging, but fortunately, there are tools to help accountants manage and even thrive.

Save time and money this tax season with an accounting answering service

One of the ways that accountants, CPAs, and other tax professionals successfully navigate tax season is by planning ahead. They can prepare by taking care of life-maintenance tasks such as doctors’ appointments and car maintenance before the season begins. They also set up things that make their life easier, such as meal delivery services and accounting answering services.

An accounting answering service is cheaper and easier than hiring a receptionist that you’ll only need for a few months. You don’t need to worry about recruiting, training, or purchasing equipment, and you can cut back or pause altogether once tax season is over. During tax season, an answering service allows you to focus on your work knowing that your callers are being assisted by a friendly, professional virtual receptionist.

Here are some of the ways that an answering service helps accountants get through tax season with increased productivity and less stress:

Say goodbye to distractions with an answering service

It takes much longer to complete a task when you’re constantly checking incoming emails, or the phone keeps ringing. An answering service gives accountants more time to complete their work without being interrupted. While you’re getting your work done, your trained virtual receptionist will greet callers, answer general questions, schedule appointments, route calls, and take messages. In addition to communicating via phone, they can also respond to customers through text messages and email.

So, go ahead and silence your phone, “x” out of the email browser, and focus on the pile of work in front of you. Then, once you’re ready, you can easily retrieve your messages using our ASC Mobile app.

Provide great customer service, no matter how busy you are

When you’re slammed with work, the last thing you want to do is stop to answer the phone. However, constantly sending callers to voicemail can result in frustration, negative reviews, and loss of trust. Your customers don’t understand how busy you are- they just want to talk to someone and be helped immediately.

An accounting answering service makes it easy for your clients to reach a live, friendly person who can help them. They will feel valued and appreciate that you are there for them even if you’re too busy to talk.

Capture leads even on your busiest days

When you’re drowning in work, the last thing on your mind is new customers. Still, new customers are essential to a business’ long-term success. Our virtual receptionists can help with new client acquisition even on your busiest days. By answering calls promptly and delivering friendly service, they will make a great impression and have callers wanting to work with your firm.

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