Handle Peak Periods by using an answering service

Many businesses are cyclical, with peak activity occurring during predictable periods or seasons. You may, for instance, be very busy in the first week of every month. You need a couple of extra people during those weeks, but you certainly don’t want to hire two new employees who would have little to do for the rest of the month.

This is one of the many areas in which a top-quality telephone answering service can be an enormous help. By planning in advance, Answering Service Care can adjust your reception service to help you deal with the rush without missing a beat.

We often find that many callers contact a company regarding the same concerns. We can work with you to devise a script to answer your callers’ most common questions.

We also can assign live telephone agents to fill the gaps in your own staffing during peak periods. Our agents can answer incoming service lines, or handle any other customer service that may be needed.

Those are just two of the ways we can help. But we don’t want to sell you something you don’t need. Before contacting us, you may want to evaluate your own operational practices to see whether you can find ways to save time and money.

For instance, absenteeism, tardiness and unplanned vacations can make peak-period staffing much tougher. You may want to take steps to reduce absenteeism and tardiness and to restrict vacations during peak periods or seasons. Also, can your managerial staff take over some telephone functions during the rough periods?

Another problem may be the timing of invoices. Sending them out the last week of the month, for example, can produce a flood of payments during the first week of the next month. You may want to consider sending invoices twice a month or even once a week.

Such measures can help, but peak periods can still cause staffing headaches for any business. Don’t panic! We’re here to help. We’re a big, nationwide, 35-year-old company, but we’re family-owned and -operated, so we have a small, local feel. We offer a full array of answering services, all tailored to fit your individual needs. We’re on the cutting edge of technology, but we provide the kind of old-fashioned service you can trust and rely on – at a fair and reasonable price.

Imagine the confidence that comes from knowing that you’ll never lose business just because your regular staff can’t handle the much heavier phone traffic during peak periods. We’re truly a virtual office for you and your staff.

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