Help! We Need a Virtual Receptionist!

Giving your incoming callers the help they need, when they need it, can help your business grow and thrive.

Great customer service is everything. Your receptionist is typically the first line of contact that a potential customer has with your company. If your incoming calls have consistently been going into voicemail or – even worse – not even getting picked up, you need help in the form of a virtual receptionist.

Virtual receptionists can make sure that:

  • All of your calls are answered – even during “off hours.” With 24/7 coverage, your customers can get the live help that they need even if it’s 7 pm and your doors are closed- or it’s the middle of the night and there’s an emergency.
  • You receive the important calls that you need. When you or your staff are out of the office, you don’t have time to answer every call – but you do need to get the important calls. Your virtual receptionist can screen calls and only patch through the most important.
  • Customers get basic “FAQ” information immediately. Virtual receptionists can respond to customer needs in the moment – including answering the basic (or more advanced) questions based on your input.

But understanding your need for a virtual receptionist, and find a service that works for you can be two different things. If you’re ready to save time for your staff and keep customer service levels high, it’s time to start your search.

Here’s how:

  • Understand the role that you’ll need a virtual receptionist to play in your business. Do you need someone to simply greet callers and transfer them to the appropriate party? Or do you need more in depth service from your virtual receptionist including order-taking or tech troubleshooting? Outline your needs so you know what to look for.
  • Get to know the difference in pricing structures for virtual receptionist services. Some charge flat rates per month for a certain number of minutes or calls, which others have a lower monthly service fee and then charge per actual usage. Typically, the later pricing structure will work out better especially if you’re brand-new to using virtual receptionist services.
  • Compare options and ask important questions. With your outlined needs in hand and an understanding of which price structure works best for you, consider several virtual receptionist companies. Ask about the typical training for virtual receptionists with their company. Get detailed information on specialty services and overage charges. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to make the right choice

If you’ve just realized you need a virtual receptionist, don’t panic! It’s easier than you think to find courteous professionals to make your incoming callers feel cared for.


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