How Answering Services Can Help Save Your Holidays

It’s the busiest time of year for so many businesses and practices. From increased customer service calls to new orders coming in due to holiday promotions, it can be a time of year when everyone feels like every resource is stretched.

Here are more ways an answering service can help save your holidays:

Answering services can help you deal with emergency issues faster.

Although answering services can help a lot with orders and shipping questions, you don’t have to have a product in order to benefit from using a service. For example, any service businesses, like HVAC and home repair, see an increase in their incoming calls when the weather changes. In many cases, these calls are from new customers that want to schedule service but may not have an immediate emergency. Although it’s terrific to have an increase in new business it can also take your focus off of handling emergency situations – like an overflowing sink the day before Thanksgiving or a heater that won’t start on Christmas Eve.

Using an answering service during the holidays can help service businesses keep their focus where it needs to be. A virtual receptionist can take incoming calls and, armed with a set of basic questions, can either make a new appointment or route emergency issues directly to your staff. This way new callers feel like they are being supported while callers with a true crises can get the help that they need immediately.

Answering services can give you – and your staff – a break before the New Year.

Taking a holiday break is essential in helping your staff get prepared for the New Year – especially after a busy holiday season. However, you can’t completely shut down for a week or two while you get some rest and relaxation. With an answering service, you can confidently let your staff – or yourself – take off a few days at the end of the year without dropping the ball on customer service. This way, you can all start 2015 on the right foot and make it an even better year for your business.


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