How Does an Accounting Answering Service Work?

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When you’re an accountant there is always work to be done, especially during the busy tax season. Here at Answering Service Care, we’ve been working with accountants, CPAs, and tax preparers for decades. We understand that you are busy and that it’s not possible for you to answer every phone call. We are here for your clients when you can’t be, to ensure that they receive prompt, efficient, and friendly service.

What is an accounting answering service?

An accounting answering service is a company that manages incoming communications on behalf of accountants, CPAs, and other tax professionals. When a phone call or text message comes in, your dedicated live receptionist will greet the customer and assist them. Our professional live receptionists work remotely but serve as representatives of your business. In most cases, the customer will not even realize that the live receptionist isn’t working directly out of your office.

Accounting and tax professionals partner with answering services for a variety of reasons, with the most common being the following:

  • They need relief during the busy tax season
  • They want to delegate administrative duties and focus more on the work in front of them
  • They can’t keep with their incoming call volume
  • Accounting answering services are usually cheaper than hiring an in-house receptionist

How exactly does an accounting answering service work?

If you’ve never partnered with a live answering service before, we’ll explain just how easy it is to work with one! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (and answers) about how an accounting answering service works.

  1. What does an accounting answering service do? After answering your phone and greeting the caller, your live receptionist can take messages, transfer calls, answer basic questions, schedule and update appointments, and send follow-up emails. In addition to handling your phones, the live agents at Answering Service Care can reply to text messages.
  2. Do you offer seasonal coverage? While some accountants work with answering services year-round, some only use them during the busy tax season. Whether you need coverage part-time, seasonally, or 24/7/365, our live agents are available to support you!
  3. What if I only need coverage for part of the day? You can choose to have your answering service take calls during business hours, after hours, or on a preset custom schedule. You also have the option of having us answer all of your calls, or you can set your phone to ring a specific number of times before we take over.
  4. What is the setup like? At Answering Service Care we are proud to offer same-day set-up, meaning that we can begin providing coverage in just a matter of hours. We will provide instructions (based on your carrier) of how to forward your phone to us and get you going in no time!
  5. How do I listen to my messages? We offer a variety of ways for our clients to retrieve their messages, including phone, text, email, fax, or through the ASC Mobile app.

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