Industry Spotlight: Hair Salon Answering Service

Answering Service For Hair Salons

Your hair salon lives and dies by the phone calls coming in to your business, but it can be hard to juggle perms, color jobs and cuts along with the phone, too.

Hiring a full-time receptionist might be an option, if you could afford one, but instead you’re torn in too many directions at once all day long. What’s a hair salon to do when the calls have to keep coming, but they’d love them to slow down a bit to make room for paying customers? They hire a hair salon answering service, of course!

How a Hair Salon Answering Service Works for You

An answering service with experience working with hair salons is more than just another bill to pay, it’s a company that will act as a partner in business today and tomorrow.

Since they only charge you for the calls they take, an answering service is typically cheaper than hiring full time staff, plus you don’t have to provide floor space for these additional workers.

Here are just a few of the many ways an answering service can help your hair salon today:

  • Appointment Scheduling. It’s one of the most important things your salon does on the telephone, so it’s vital that someone who really knows how to keep an appointment book do it. A hair salon answering service can set, change or cancel appointments for your clients around the clock, not just during business hours.This can really help people who have to pop in over lunch for a quick cut or take a day off in order to visit you for more complicated procedures like micro braiding or exotic hair color jobs.
  • Message Relay. Although it’s rare that any message a customer would leave would be urgent, it can happen in the hair salon business. This is why it’s useful to have a hair salon answering service with message relay that can send incoming messages to your smartphone or email right away. Your clients don’t have to wait to ask you why their hair isn’t doing what they expected or for recommendations for shampoo, they’ll just ask the answering service and you’ll call them back with the answer.
  • Bilingual Answering Service. About 41 million people speak Spanish in the United States today, so the chances are great that some of your customers will appreciate being able to leave messages for you in their native language. Whether they’re trying to set an appointment or simply want to compliment you on the great cut and color, doing so with the help of a Spanish-speaking answering service means there’s no longer a language barrier. It’s a small thing you can do to tell these clients that you really want and welcome them. 

Your hair salon has never done more business, but you can’t keep on going it alone. A hair salon answering service can handle the phone for you, leaving you free to work your magic on your clients. That’s what makes that phone ring, after all, not your unmatched talent for saying “Hello!” to callers. Leave the call answering to the pros and watch your business grow.

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