Introducing Care2Text, Answering Service Care’s New Text Messaging Solution

Answering Service Care - Care2Text

In recent years, SMS marketing has become an incredibly powerful tool for businesses to connect with their customers. In North America, over 292 million people use text messages—that’s about 80% of the population!

As we shift into an increasingly mobile environment, text messaging has become a preferred form of communication for many. Not only are people texting with their friends and family, but also with businesses. A study found that 52% of respondents said they would be likely to text with a customer support agent. Similarly, 52% would prefer texting customer support more than their current preferred method of communication.

Here at Answering Service Care, we strive to provide the most cutting-edge technology for our customers and their customers with answering services that are professional, flexible, responsive, and user-friendly. We are proud to introduce Care2Text, a new feature that allows our clients to advertise a phone number that their clients can use to communicate with them via text message. When their clients reach out via text, our live agents will respond to answer questions, schedule appointments, and more.

How does Care2Text work?

The way Care2Text works is simple. Answering Service Care assigns a phone number to a business, and from there they can advertise this number to receive text messages. When using Care2Text, there’s no need to get a new phone number. The feature can be used with your existing phone number- even if it’s a landline, your customers will be able to text it, and be responded to by a virtual receptionist.

In addition to providing better customer service, here are some of the ways that businesses can benefit from using Care2Text:

  • It’s user-friendly, with an SMS portal that is easy to navigate.
  • It’s accessible. The Care2Text portal can be accessed online at any time, from anywhere.
  • It’s easy to integrate with your Google, Salesforce, Zoho, and Broadsoft logins.
  • It provides businesses with a better way to communicate with their customers. With SMS open rates as high as 98%, text messaging is an effective way to make sure that your message is received.
  • Spanish-speaking clients can be serviced by bilingual virtual receptionists via text message.

Who can benefit from Care2Text?

Here at Answering Service Care, we work with businesses of all sizes, across a variety of industries. We help our clients get creative when it comes to marketing and reaching their clients in new innovative ways. Recent data shows that your customers want to text your business, and with Care2Text they now can. 

These examples highlight some of the types of businesses that can benefit from Care2Text:

  • After a car accident, an individual can text their attorney for advice, and to see if they have a case.
  • When a person drives by a house with a “For Sale” sign in the yard, they can text a real estate professional for more information.
  • Service providers like plumbers, photographers, and cleaners can be contacted via text message to answer questions, and schedule appointments.

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