Is A Live Receptionist Always Better Than Voicemail?

Live Answering Service Versus Voicemail

There are two things that can happen when your potential customers call into your office – they can either be greeted by a pre-recorded message and a series of numbers to punch, or they can be greeted by a live, friendly “Hello.”

If calling your business line results in the former, it’s time to make a change.

Here’s the thing: A live receptionist is always better than voicemail – even if the call will eventually go to an employee’s voicemail inbox.

Here are several reasons why live, virtual reception services can help you drive business results:

Live receptionists can offer a more personal touch.

Your customers are calling in to get help of some kind. It could be help with a new purchase, help finding the right party’s extension or help setting an appointment. No matter what kind of help they need, your voicemail system is unlikely to be able to help their unique situation. Only a live, virtual receptionist can listen to your caller, determine the help they need and then deliver service with a personal touch.

Live receptionists make a great impression any time of the day.

Your live virtual receptionist service can provide phone coverage during business hours, but they can also cover your business line after-hours. When a customer calls in expecting voicemail, and instead gets a live receptionist who can help them, it makes a great impression. They’ll also never get a busy signal when they call your company, which shows them that they’ll never have to wait for good service. It may seem like something subtle, but to your customers it’s everything.

Live receptionists can help you go the extra mile for customers.

There’s only one thing that voicemail can do – record messages from your customers. But with a live receptionist, you can offer them much more. For example, your live receptionist service can be trained for basic customer service situations and deliver what customers need right on the phone. They can follow a basic script to answer general questions, provide updates or deliver other important information. This gives your customers what they need, instead of making them wait, while shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile.

No matter what stage you’re at in your business growth, or what type of industry you’re in, using a live receptionist from a professional answering service is a smart move if you want to provide excellent customer service, increase the likelihood of a sale and keep your company’s reputation in good standing.

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