Managing Your Account Online

As an Answering Service Care client, we promise to make your experience with us simple and straight-forward. We allow our clients to call the shots – personalizing each aspect of their answering service and providing them with the ability to monitor the account activity 24/7.

By logging into the Answering Service Care Client Portal, you will be able to monitor your account. The following information may be retrieved by logging into the client portal: Account usage (how many minutes you have used), Messages (both delivered and undelivered messages) and Call Recordings

Oh No! Did you go over your allowance again?

If you suspect that your business may experience a spike in call volume contact your account manager and discuss changing your current answering service plan for the following billing cycle. One of the many perks of Answering Service Care is ‘we do not have a contract’, you are able to change your answering service plan to reflect the needs of your company. Frequent monitoring of your allowance can help reduce overages if any.

For example if your plan includes 500 minutes and twenty days into the month you noticed your business has already used 450 minutes from your allowance, an executive decision will need to be made and two of the best solutions are to:

  1. Continue forwarding your line to the answering service and keep a close eye on the overage to ensure it does not become excessive, or
  2. Contact your Account Managers for an assessment of your usage; we are extremely flexible and will not penalize you if a rate plan adjustment to a higher tiered plan is deemed the best solution.

What ever your company decides to do however, it is evident that your business has outgrown your current answering service plan and it is time for an upgrade. If you fear that a plan upgrade will equal unused minutes, consider adding rollover minutes to your account.

 Oops! It seems you deleted another message from the answering service!

No worries, it happens to the best of us – the only difference this time is you have a backup plan. All messages that are sent to you from the answering service, by fax, email or even SMS are stored on the client portal and may be retrieved at any time.

To retrieve a message online simply log in to the client portal and click on messages. A chronological list of messages will appear and you are able to ascertain the information that you need. You may also listen to a recording of the call and verify this information.

To learn more about accessing your account online contact your Account Manager at 800.430.6511

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