One Answering Service, Multiple Locations for Your Business

Answering Services

When your business is in multiple cities – or multiple countries – it’s important that your customers get to the right party at the right department to get the help that they need.

By using an answering service, rather than onsite receptionists, you can ensure that your customers get the best care no matter which location they need to reach.

Here are three key reasons why using a telephone answering service is a must when there are multiple locations for your business:

One Number Makes Things Easy

Your customers have enough trouble remembering where they parked – they don’t need to remember two or three numbers to reach your company. When you opt for an answering service, you can provide your customers with one number to reach all locations. In most cases, this will be a 1-800 number that will provide a toll-free connection to your company from anywhere. With one single number for all of your locations, departments and staff, your customers will be able to reach anyone they need at your company easily.

Keep The Customer Experience Consistent

Using a virtual answering service can help you maintain customer experience across the board. If you operate with full-time secretaries at all of your locations, they may be greeting customers differently or handling calls in slightly different ways. This can negatively impact your branding efforts, and tarnish your company’s image. With an answering service, all calls come to the same team and are handled in the same way. Whenever your customer calls your company, he or she is experiencing the same type of service each time – which reinforces your image as a reliable, consistent company.

Empower Your Mobile Team

Sales people, account executives and other employees can’t be tied to their desks. They need to be mobile and meeting with customers and vendors face-to-face. But just because they are out on calls doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be available by phone. With a live answering service for your business’s multiple locations, you can have your calls answered by virtual receptionists and then routed to your team members in the field. No matter where they are or which location they’re from, the calls they need to receive will get to them.

With one call answering service, you can meet the needs of your employees as well as your customers in multiple locations.

Answering Service Care provides consistent call answering for businesses with multiple locations. Our live answering service professionals can handle all your office calls from every location, and route each call exactly where it needs to go. Call us today for more information, (800) 430-6511.

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