Reasons to Hire a Medical Answering Service This Holiday Season

Medical Answering Service

The holidays are when many people take time off from work to travel and be with their families. However, for many doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, this is their busiest season.

If your receptionists scramble to answer phones while accommodating patients in the office, filing paperwork and fitting in sick patients each December, consider partnering with a medical answering service. A holiday answering service helps healthcare businesses better accommodate patients who are trying to get in by the end of the year, as well as those who get sick or have a health emergency.

Here, we will explain the reasons to hire a medical answering service this holiday season:

Everyone is trying to get in by the end of the year

Toward the end of the year, a medical office’s phone constantly rings with patients trying to schedule appointments before December 31. Some of these patients want to book checkups and elective procedures before the new year because they are getting new insurance plans or they have met their deductibles on current plans. For others, it’s about booking a surgery or procedure when they are on winter break, or they have some time off from work.

When you partner with a medical answering service during the holiday season, you and your staff can focus on providing better care to the patients inside your office. Our team of virtual receptionists will assist callers in a compassionate, professional manner and manage your busy appointment book.

January and February are also busy months

For some healthcare providers, particularly surgeons, it’s not possible to fit every patient in by the end of the year. And although many patients try to schedule their appointments before the year’s end, some opt to wait until after the holidays to have an elective procedure done. These people would rather spend the holidays relaxing with their families than recovering from surgery. As a result, January and February are also busy months for medical practices.

The best part about a holiday answering service is that it can provide as much coverage as you need, whenever you need it. Whether it’s a few hours a day for just a few weeks or 24/7 for six months, you can rest assured knowing that your callers will be taken care of.

More people get sick around the holidays

The holidays are a stressful time for many people. This, combined with holiday travel, flu season, and cold weather often results in more sick patients. When a sick patient calls your office, they don’t want to wait on hold or leave a message. They want immediate assistance, and to possibly also be given an appointment to see the doctor.

When your staff is already overwhelmed, fitting in sick patients can be a challenge. Partnering with a medical answering service enables you and your staff to spend more time with patients and focus on getting them well. Let us coordinate with sick patients and find spots for them on the schedule.

Medical emergencies can happen at any time

In addition to people falling ill around the holidays, medical emergencies can also happen at any time. Having a medical answering service cover your phones during non-business hours ensures that these people will speak with a calm, reassuring voice in their time of need.

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