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Should Your Small Business Have a Social Media Presence?

This post is part two in a two-part series. Read part one here.

Should your business be active on social media? If you want more exposure, better customer relationships and new opportunities, then the answer is yes!

Here are yet more ways in which social media can take your business marketing to a whole new level:

Social media can improve your customer service.

Disappointed or downright angry customers go one place when they feel they’ve been slighted – straight to social media. Although you never want your company to be in the crosshairs of an angry customer, if you are it’s a lot better if you already have a strong social media presence established. You’ll be able to find and respond immediately to any customer issues that pop up. Virtual receptionists, or any other member of your small business team, can be instructed on how best to handle these issues. Responding quickly in a public format will help resolve your individual customers’ issue – but will also let other potential customers see how responsive you are.

Social media can provide ‘social proof’ for your company.

Many times small businesses are competing directly with larger, more established brands. Social media gives your potential customers verification that you’ll be able to do just as good – if not better – than the big brands. As your brand interacts with customers on social media and you develop a following, it acts as proof that you’re worth doing business with. Even better yet is when customers sing praises about your business online. Taking the time to interact on social media paints that picture that you’re a company that cares and can be trusted – which can make a difference in your sales.

Social media can help you forge alliances with other small businesses.

No matter what you do in your business, there are probably several other complementary companies out there that serve the same client base in a different way. By establishing a social media presence and seeking out other small businesses, you can forge powerful alliances that can lead to cross-promotions and sales. These opportunities wouldn’t have been available if you hadn’t become established on social media.