Six Reasons why you need an Answering Service

Virtual Receptionist Answering Services

As a small business owner you are sometimes required to make decisions without being certain of the final result, deciding to use an answering service or which answering service to hire may be one such decision. While it may be difficult to trust such a crucial aspect of your business to someone else the simple fact is an answering service will do their best to represent your business and make both you and your clients happy.

If you are still unsure if you should outsource to an answering service here are six reasons why an answering service can help your business grow:

Answering Services are cheaper. Hiring an answering service is certainly more cost efficient than hiring a full time receptionist. There are no taxes, no wasted office spaces or health benefits involved. You only pay for the minutes that you used during the month. This will allow you to better budget and utilize your capital and invest in areas that will create more revenue or market your business better.

Answering Services get the job done faster. Because answering service representatives are trained professionals they will answer calls and gathers information faster than a typical receptionist would without compromising quality. Also seeing that an answering service is a group of people and not just a single person, multiple calls can handled at the same time. After the call has ended the message will be dispatched immediately to a representative (or group of people) within your company. The swift exchange of information between answering services and its clients is crucial to keep both businesses going, be sure to discuss message relay options with your sales person.

Answering Services will lighten work load. Delegating is a move towards growth, expansion and better time management. Assigning menial task (such as answering the telephone) to a telephone answering service will lighten the work load of your in-office employees and allow them to focus on what is important and those tasks that will help your business grow.

Better quality of customer service. Let’s face the facts… Answering Services sells quality customer service. Deciding to use an answering service is a sure way to ensure that your customers will receive quality a customer service. Answering services tend to abide by a strict code of ethics and monitor employees regularly using detailed and unbiased guidelines. In doing this, they guarantee quality and consistent service.

Extend your business hours. Most answering services are open 24/7, even operating on major holidays such as Christmas, New Years, Labor Day etc. This means that your business will be able to continue serving clients even when the office doors are closed. Whether it is simply relaying a message such as: “I’m sorry, the office is closed today but it will reopen tomorrow” or to take a message and relay it outside of the ‘normal’ day to day relay.

Never miss another call. Each call that your business receives is an opportunity for you to grow your business. Using a 24/7 live telephone answering service is the best way to protect your business from missing these important phone calls. Partnering with a trained and dependable answering service will help to elevate your business by growing your client base.

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