The 411 On Answering Service Greetings

Answering Service GreetingWhen you use a 24/7 live answering service for your business, you never have to worry about your clients being stuck without your help.

As an answering service customer, one of the great options you can take advantage of is the option to create (or have created for you) a personalized answer greeting that is delivered either live by an agent or via a recorded message before an agent picks up.

Creative or generic message, which to use? Depending on the nature of your business, who is calling and what your goals are, you can get very creative with these personalized messages. Some of our clients have some great personalized messages! That all said, there are also those who choose answering service greetings that are more on the generic side, and for some businesses this is clearly the best choice. But even the most generic of greetings thanks callers for calling and lets them know what company or organization they have reached.

Regardless of which route a client chooses, we place great importance on making sure that our answering service operators pronounce the name of the person or company correctly. This helps callers know they have reached the right number, and puts your company’s best foot forward right from the start. It also helps save money in less wrong calls and no wasted call minutes.

Here are a few actual personalized greetings we use for our clients’ calls:

  • Good morning, thank you for calling ____. My name is _____. I would like to get a little information from you. Then one of our schedulers will return your call within 24 hours to set an appointment for you.
  • Thank you for calling _____. Can I assist you with ____, _____ or can I take a message and have someone return your call as soon as possible?
  • Thank you for calling ____. You have reached ______.  Do you need help with _____ or ______, or would you like to place an order?
  • Thank you for calling ______, how can we make you smile today?

Feeling inspired? That’s great! When you hire our professional answering service, you will have the opportunity to work closely with our team to create your very own personalized greeting that will match your industry, your customers and your goals. We will guide and advise you at every step of the way!

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