There is no profession that demands more of its telephone answering system than the medical profession, and Answering Service Care is the best choice to manage your medical telephone answering system. No matter how much in-office phone coverage you have it can never be enough, because medical clients require the ability to reach their medical care providers 24/7, 365 days a year. No office staff can provide that coverage, but Answering Service Care can fill that gap for you in the most professional manner.


Clients count on their health care professionals to be available at all times, and in cases of emergency there’s no such thing as closed for the day.   Those clients gain tremendous peace of mind when they can count on their health care providers to offer round –the-clock medical phone answering service.

The Medical Answering Service You Can Count On

One reason that you can count on Answering Service Care is that it’s been in business since 1974. That longevity is proof that it’s the phone answering service the medical community trusts, whether large, group practices or solo health care clinicians.   An award-winning family owned business, they are ready to customize options for your medical practice to suite your particular needs. They take a lot of pride in having perfected their approach over the years. It all adds up to your clients receiving the best medical answering service when it’s most critically needed.

We Treat All Your Callers As You Would Treat Them ~ We Are Part Of Your Team

  • Live medical answering service
  • Alert, accurate, sensitive receptionists
  • Protects callers privacy
  • Routing calls to your exact specification
  • Emergency and urgent message-relay response
  • Doctor to doctor consultation calls
  • Prescription dispatch
  • Lab results protocol
  • Answering scripts follow your instructions exactly
  • Choose Answering Service Care Medical Answering Service

In the medical profession, every call is important and Answering Service Care understands the nature of your practice and values every caller both urgent and non-urgent. That’s why they go to great lengths to train their professional receptionists in the art of managing medical telephone calls. Partner with Answering Service Care today and learn how they can alleviate the stress and worry of your phone call volume.   They are the best choice for a medical answering service that you can trust. Your staff and your callers will thank you.

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