Three Ways to Get Back-to-Basics with Your Marketing Efforts

There are lots of offline ways to reach people who want your products.

In this post, we explore some more back-to-basic marketing approaches that are still extremely relevant in the 21st century. Just because everybody’s marketing on the Internet doesn’t mean that’s the only place to go.

These are also still valid arenas in which to have your message heard:

Radio Marketing. With so much streaming everything, it might seem like no one listens to radio anymore—but they do.

In the car on the drive to and from work, on construction sites, on long trips and often, just for fun. A recent Nielsen survey found that for brick-and-mortar shops, each dollar of radio advertising spent averages $6 in return in the 28 days after the ads run. Both brand marketing messages and direct response messages can be highly effective, depending on your target audience. Just be sure to choose the right airwaves to set your message ablaze.

TV Advertising. Television, both cable and broadcast, still has an enormous reach.

With well-written and professionally filmed commercials, you’ll find your business penetrating into markets that you may have struggled to reach before. Because 87 percent of consumers are watching television with a second screen handy, a trend especially strong among millennials, it’s important to advertise your business name and your URL to make it easy for your customers to find you right away. Direct response marketing can take advantage of the second screen phenomenon in a way that no other marketing tool can, but be sure that your messages can be tracked so you can adjust your advertising on the fly if necessary.

Networking. Referrals are always a great way to get business, so getting to know other business owners in related industries just makes sense.

After all, if a neighboring business can’t provide a service or product their customers need, having a connection means they can feel secure enough to turn to you to handle the job for them. For example, dog kennel facilities might mingle with veterinarians and groomers and form a mutual referral pact. Although it might seem counter-intuitive to make friends with the competition, it can actually be beneficial. Many small businesses hate turning away customers when they’re overwhelmed, so it’s great to have a friend in the business where they can refer overflow clientele.

Getting back-to-basics can make the phone ring when competing for attention on the very loud and busy Internet doesn’t. Make sure you know where your target market is easiest to reach in order to spend your marketing dollars most wisely, then sit back and wait for the calls to come rolling in. As long as your telephone staff or professional answering service is ready to take your customer’s calls, the marketing you do in the real world will pay dividends both online and off.