Top Three Myths about Answering Services

Answering Services

It’s time to set the record straight!

Answering services have been around for a long time, but even in this age of information, there are still several myths about how they work and the benefits they can provide. Instead of making a decision to hire virtual answering services with partial information, be sure to get the facts!

Here are the top three myths about answering services:

  1. Answering services are nothing more than fancy voicemail.If you have a reliable voicemail system, you might think that answering services provide just more of the same. You may reason that an answering service will do nothing more than pick up the phone and transfer the call. However, answering service virtual receptionists can do a whole lot more for your business. With customized scripts and some basic training, they can operate as an effective, friendly and professional first line of customer service for your business. They can help callers track their orders, answer basic FAQ questions, set appointments and more. No voicemail system, no matter how sophisticated, can do that. There’s nothing quite like getting a live person at the end of a business line. Answering services can help you make your mark and support customers far better than any voicemail program.
  1. Answering services use receptionists from out of the country.While some call centers may rely on overseas outsourcing, it’s a blanket assumption that all of them have receptionists with language barriers. For example, at Answering Service Care, we only use U.S.-based virtual receptionists who can understand your business and help callers with exactly what they need. (We also offer bilingual English/Spanish operators, all of whom are still U.S.-based.) And with advanced telecommunications technology, your callers will never know that your receptionist may be in another city or state
  1. Answering services are a waste of money.How many customers are you losing out on by letting calls go straight to voicemail? Or answering them in the middle of doing something else? Answering services can provide live receptionists to answer calls professionally and politely to ensure that your callers get a good impression of your business. First impressions count – and with an answering service you can plant the seeds for future business growth. Getting help from virtual receptionists through a live answering service can improve your company’s efficiency, which also contributes to the bottom line. Instead of being a waste of money, answering services have in fact proven time and time again that they can help businesses make more money.

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