Using Your Answering Service for Summertime Business

Answering Service for Summertime Business

As the temperature starts to increase, what happens in your business?

Depending on your industry, you could be seeing an uptick in calls and requests or you could experience a lull in new business. In either situation, using an answering service can go a long way as far as meeting your customers’ needs without the need to hire or fire employees.

Here are three reasons why an answering service is the perfect fit for summertime:

  1. You can scale up and down.Answering services can match your needs to ramp up or slow down depending on the time of year, hour of day, day of week or just about anything else. Because you have an entire team of professional operators at your service, you always have exactly the coverage you need, when you need it. During high call volume months, you can meet your callers’ needs. This helps you ensure that no customer gets a busy tone or put on hold for long periods of time. Their calls and questions get answered and routed as needed, when needed. Then when your call volume dies down, your answering service is still there for when you and your callers do need it. The best part is you don’t have to make any active changes yourself…your answering service adjusts as you need it to, every time, all year-round. There’s no need to hire or fire employees, and from your customers’ perspective there’s a seamless transition between the two levels of service.
  1. You can offer summertime specials.Why not take advantage of the season and offer your customers something special? Answering services aren’t just about answering the phone. If your sales typically slump during the summer, having your answering service offer support during a special can give you a nice (and perhaps unexpected) uptick in revenue. Similarly, if you have a lot of incoming calls during the summer and want to run a package deal, your virtual receptionist team can support you in that as well.
  1. You can accommodate summertime vacation schedules.Lots of employees choose the summer months for their vacation weeks, especially if they are in an industry where there’s a summer slump. With an answering service, you can accommodate summer vacations and still make customers feels supported. Your virtual receptionist team can handle incoming calls, and even provide FAQ information and set appointments, leaving your staff members to take the vacation time that they need. While you’re at it – you can take a vacation as well!

Summertime business has its ups and downs, but with an answering service as part of your business, you can be sure that you get every call and take advantage of the season…no matter what the time of year!

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