What Businesses Are Doing to Cope with the Pandemic

Answering Service During the Coronavirus Crisis

Since the beginning of the COVID outbreak, many business owners have had to work harder and more creatively to generate income. Not only are customers still hesitant to go out and visit small businesses, but there are limits to how many people can be inside a building at a time. Businesses are working overtime to make ends meet while operating at a limited capacity and following the local health regulations to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Business owners must work smarter (and harder) to ensure survival

The main thing that business leaders are doing to cope with the pandemic is adapt and then evolve. A new survey found that 92 percent of businesses have reinvented themselves during the coronavirus pandemic. For some, this simply means changing operating hours, adding contactless payment methods, and increasing their cleaning schedule. However, many businesses have updated their entire business models to include new products, services, delivery channels, and even customers.

Here, we will explain some of the ways that businesses have shifted to get through the pandemic.

Businesses are going online

We’ve been shifting toward a more digital world for some time now, but more businesses are using the internet than ever. Businesses have gone online to showcase their products, take orders, and even offer new virtual services.

Retail shop owners are building eCommerce websites and using online marketplaces to sell their goods. Restaurants are adding online ordering options to their websites, and professionals of all types are continuing their work from home. Doctors are offering virtual wellness appointments, realtors are providing virtual home tours, and instructors are teaching virtual classes.

Businesses are delivering products or services in new ways

Some businesses are simply unable to shift to online, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting creative. One example of this is animal sanctuaries, which make money by offering in-person tours and experiences. However, some of them have reorganized their properties to be able to offer drive-through experiences where customers can view and interact with animals through their car windows.

Businesses are offering new products

Not only are businesses changing the way they sell their products or services, but they are offering new things that consumers may now want. Clothing retailers are now designing face masks, alcohol producers are making hand sanitizer, and restaurants are offering delivery meals for the whole family.

Business owners are finding help in new ways

Juggling everything is certainly not easy, and it’s not always possible to do it all yourself. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and hiring another employee is out of the question, consider outsourcing. Outsourcing is often the cheaper option, and it also allows you to continue running your business while social distancing.

Here at Answering Service Care, our team of professional, compassionate virtual receptionists work remotely, and they are ready to help business owners like you! An answering service ensures that even in these unprecedented times, your business’ calls are being answered, your customers are receiving excellent customer service, and you have time to focus on running your business.

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