What Do The Best Answering Services Have In Common?

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When it’s time to find an answering service for your small business, not just any company will do.

You need the best answering service for your customers, one that will ensure that both you and your callers are unbelievably happy. Although the answering service that’s perfect for you might not be the one that’s perfect for the business next door, there are some things all good answering services have in common.

Signs of Great Answering Services

Choosing an answering service can take a bit of time and effort. Each one is a little different and they may even offer packages that sound similar, but have nothing in common. This is why it’s so important to compare apples to apples. While you’re in the investigation stage, however, it’s easier to eliminate companies based on more obvious things.

Here are a few signs of an answering service that will be great for you:

  • Custom packages at any price point. Your company isn’t like any other, it’s unreasonable to expect that a one-size-fits-all package is going to meet your needs.Any answering service that won’t allow you to customize your package, or build a personalized package from scratch isn’t one that really cares that your needs are being met. Many standardized packages will include features you simply don’t want or need, but you’re forced to pay for anyway.
  • Employee investment is high. You want your answering service to be invested in you, but it’s equally important that they’re invested in their employees. Some telephone answering services have high employee turnover rates, meaning that more of your operators are likely to have received less training.When the turnover rate is low, however, your operators are both invested in the answering service and your callers, creating a situation where everyone delivers consistently good assistance.
  • HIPAA understanding and compliance. Although HIPAA-compliance should be a leading factor in hiring an answering service for any company that has to deal with protected health information, it can also be a signal to other businesses that the answering service in question is willing to go above and beyond.Because HIPAA-compliance requires regular and rigorous training, as well as up-to-date equipment with all the latest security patches, your answering service has already proven that they’re dedicated to data safety, even if you’re not a medical office. Because of this, you can rest assured that any private information your callers pass along will be secure.
  • Operators in similar time zones. It’s certainly possible to have a high quality answering service halfway around the globe, but it makes the logistics of everything much more simple if your answering service is located within a few time zones.That way, when you want to schedule a visit, you can simply pop over, rather than having to plan a week away from work to ensure you’re getting what you think you’re paying for. Similar time zones also makes it easier for you to stay in touch with the management of your new answering service, since you’re working similar hours.

These are just a few items that the very best answering services for your business will have in common.

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