What is Dynamic Scripting for Answering Services?

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Answering services play an important role for businesses of all sizes.

With so much to do in any given business day, it’s important that there is a dedicated team of people to handle incoming calls and get customers to where they need to be. In addition to answering basic questions, answering calls and taking messages, answering service receptionists can also be given scripts so they can help customers even more.

Scripts give virtual receptionists a plan to follow for incoming calls. They can standardize portions of the call so that you ensure that your callers are getting what they need. For example, you can use scripts to:

  • Make sure that your company is properly introduced and presented.
  • Make sure that agents are asking for the right information from incoming callers
  • Make sure that the right terms and phrases are used for your industry

However, there’s a challenge when it comes to scripts. They can sound too formulaic and stilted to improve your customer service levels. Instead of sticking with static scripts, answering services can use dynamic scripts to help agents keep things more natural and friendly, while still maintaining quality control.

Modern answering services can use dynamic virtual scripts that offer suggested text to their agents so that the conversation remains natural. There are words or phrases that must be included in each call, but overall a dynamic script allows agents to feel less like they are reading a script and more like they are having a conversation. This makes them active listeners, and more likely to hear what the callers really need.

Not only do dynamic scripts help answering service agents maintain more natural language throughout the call, they also help customers as well. Incoming callers can get bored or feel undervalued if they sense that the call agent is reading from a standard script. With dynamic scripts, your agents are able to capture the caller’s interest and be more engaging. This creates a better impression of your business and raises your level of customer service.

If you’re looking for an outsourced answering service provider, ask about their call scripts. Be sure that they offer dynamic options for interacting with customers. They should also train their answering service agents so that they are prepared to handle issues that may be off the script – dynamic of not.

By seeking out dynamic scripting options when you work with an answering service, you can improve your experience with outsourcing. Dynamic scripting gives answering service agents the ability to engage your incoming callers and help your business grow.

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