Why Choose Answering Service Care

Running a successful business means dealing always having to stay on top of your customers’ needs and having the best customer service representatives on hand to answer phone calls and effectively communicate in a friendly and efficient manner.  Answering Service Care is a top-notch telephone answering service that is professionally staffed by highly-trained customer service representatives. We have decades of experience in dealing with a wide variety of customer needs in many industries. Imagine if you could have your business phone answered, 24×7, by a professional representative who efficiently dealt with customers and relayed all the information back to you in a your preferred method of communication. This allows you to maintain a 24×7 presence for your customers and clients at a fraction of the cost and considerably less energy than if you hired help to answer phones in-office. Our answering service company works overnight – so you are making money even when you are sleeping.

An Answering Service with Experience

At Answering Service Care, we have a strong team with high retention rates that maintains a superior level of competency and uniform training that ensures we adhere to the highest standards in the industry.  Our answering service has been in business for decades and we have the experience and expertise to provide your business with exactly what it needs. We offer medical answering services, legal answering service, real estate answering service and phone answering services for a wide variety of industries. With that experience, Answering Service Care has learned the value of flexibility. Why not have an answering service that fits your needs?  You design your account to your needs and control the cost. We even offer one month answering service periods for seasonal business needs.

Phone Answering Service with World Class Communication

One of the biggest customer service complaints is poor communication or having to talk to a customer service rep from another country – which causes frustration and misunderstandings. Answering Service Care works with American agents who can understand, relate to and clearly communicate with customers. We also have agents that speak Spanish – which is a huge asset to businesses with a bilingual customer base.  At Answering Service Care, we don’t believe in automated services or talking to a robot.

It’s been proven that customers don’t like this and people do not feel that they are being listened to. It’s frustrating and confusing for people to go through a jumble of computer prompts – and not ever get a chance to speak to a live person. By using web integrated solutions with the use of Interactive Voice Response web enabled platforms, we bring solid answering service solutions. All this is designed to get your caller to a live human voice that will assist them quickly and pleasantly.

A Customized Telephone Answering Service

Whether you’re starting a new business or just want to change the way you handle your phone calls, we provide you a toll free 1-800 number totally free of charge. With this, your company is accessible to anyone, for free. You can advertise anywhere across the nation and when your call comes into our web-platform it will be answered by a live individual with your original custom greeting.  Now that you know more about our answering services – there’s only one question left to ask: what are you waiting for? We provide superior service designed to your needs, and your budget, with the latest technology available in the industry. We’re not just an answering service, we are Answering Service Care.

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