Why Choose Answering Service Care For Your Legal Answering Service?

Why Choose Answering Service Care For Your Legal Answering Service?

In the legal profession, practicing attorneys and lawyers agree that Answering Service Care

is a premier legal answering service that has built a reputation of trust and efficiency over four decades in the telephone answering service industry.   It makes perfect sense to hire a legal answering service because it greatly extends your resources, allowing you to devote your time to legal research and writing, rather than sorting out phone callers.   With Answering Service Care you’ll have seamless support for all of your telephone answering systems, while freeing up your staff to assist you in other aspects of maintaining your practice. Leave the telephones to us.

What’s Expected When Telephoning a Lawyer or Attorney?

Client calls to a legal practitioner are rarely social in nature. Callers typically have an urgent matter which to discuss with their lawyer, and do not expect to be frustrated by an unanswered phone, or a phone answered by a prerecorded voice guiding them through a senseless menu.   Most people come to expect that they will have easy and unlimited access to their lawyer or attorney by telephone whenever they are needed. As a legal case unfolds, there will be numerous points of contact between a lawyer and client as well as all the parties concerned, and the lawyer’s telephone answering service may become the hub of all that activity.


Answering Service Care Delivers on Expectations

We provide telephone answering service to practicing attorneys, law firms, and solo practitioners across the country. Lawyers and their legal staffs appreciate that we can remove the telephone answering and messaging burden from their shoulders. Answering Service Care’s team of professional, virtual receptionists perform 24/7, 365 days a year, taking phone calls, making appointments, passing on new client lead information, and answering general questions about your services.   Our attorney’s and lawyer’s answering service team will route all of your incoming calls quickly, accurately, and confidentially; leaving you free to develop and prepare your cases. You’ll quickly see how our fully trained, virtual receptionists becomes an extension of your practice, serving with the same care and concern as if they were on site. We are proud that all of our U.S. based telephone-answering professionals are fluent English speakers, and we offer bi-lingual virtual receptionists as well.

Telephone Answering Service Specialists

We are specialists in catering to lawyer and attorney’s telephone answering service needs, and we customize our phone answering service to your exact instructions. It’s a smart use of your resources, and we can cover every function of your telephone system requirements better than an in-office staff can. Partner with us today, and you’ll immediately benefit from being accessible to your clients round-the-clock all year long

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