Why ‘Click to Call’ Is A Website Marketing Must

“Click to Call “ is one of the most popular trends in website marketing today.

It’s easy to see why…after all, this simple tool carries potential callers through a sales funnel straight to an immediate way to buy or ask for more information without any hassles. All it takes is a mobile-friendly website and a smartphone user to make a connection to a huge market that might be otherwise untapped.

Making Click to Call Work for You

Of course, just posting a link to “Click to Call” won’t result in customers beating the door down.

You have to work at it, but only a very little bit. That’s the best part of this! Unlike many marketing tools that are complicated or require a lot of effort to ultimately deliver on your investment, “Click to Call” can bring in new callers from the moment it’s properly configured.

Here are a few things to consider before you make your “Click to Call” feature live:

  • Get your Google listings up to date. If a potential customer types your business name into the search bar because they’re wanting to learn more about you, Google can populate a Google My Business listing at the top of the page.

    Enabling “Click to Call” allows your customers to call you directly from that listing, saving them a lot of time and trouble. They click the button and their smartphone makes the call — nothing could be easier.

  • Scatter “Click to Call” opportunities throughout your site. Your website is another great place to use “Click to Call.” Instead of simply putting your number at the top of every page, make them all active “Click to Call” links for your mobile visitors.

    Put “Click to Call” calls to action at the bottom of the page, or scatter them about as necessary. Making it simple to do business with your company has never been a bad tactic.

  • Have a plan for callers. It’s one thing to properly execute a “Click to Call” button and another entirely to be able to collect all the calls. If you don’t have a dedicated phone bank, this might be a good time to look for an answering service partner to help you with this task.

    We all know that callers don’t tolerate holding for long, nor do they like leaving messages on machines. An answering service partner will save these leads that would otherwise go to a competitor that’s a little more prepared for the onslaught of callers.

“Click to Call” can be an important feature of your sales funnel and a great feature for your callers, too. Whether you’re a retail store, lawyer, medical facility or a dog groomer, there’s never been an easier way for website visitors to move straight to customers without anything getting in the way.

Just giving a caller a number allows for any number of distractions to pop up before they manage to call you, but allowing them to “Click to Call” means absolutely nothing stands between a potential customer and the shops or services they really need.

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