3 Reasons to Hire an Automated Answering Service for a Small Business

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As a small business owner, you understand the importance of efficiency in the workplace, and this includes customer service. Yes, customer service can be streamlined to be more efficient just like any other aspect of the business. One such way to do this is for your small business to partner with an automated answering service.

Certainly, you have heard of the benefits of a live answering service for small businesses, but have you wondered how it might impact your business personally? Regardless of the type of business you oversee, the medical practice you run, or the service you provide, an automated phone answering service can greatly improve those aspects you need to improve.

Let’s take a closer look at how your business could benefit from an automated answering service.

Benefits of Small Business Automated Phone Services

As mentioned, the benefits might be weighed differently depending on the type of business you operate. And yet the benefits listed below are pretty general in nature and can be applied to just about any small business.

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1. Better Time Management

When there is a dedicated virtual receptionist, the rest of your team is free to handle their day-to-day tasks. Think of all the time you would save if you weren’t running to pick up the phone every time it rang. And this goes for everyone in your office. There is enough to do without worrying about someone always being available to pick up the phone.

And you might think that you can solve the problem by simply having an answering machine pick up everything. After all, you have a voicemail on your cell phone, so why not have one for your business as well? The answer: Several reasons.

For one, listening to all those messages at the end of the day will not really save you any time, it will simply delay those hours for later. This is not a good practice for any business owner to be in. Another reason is that some of these calls might be emergencies. You don’t want your clients or customers to be calling with an emergency, or something they feel is an emergency, only to have to leave a message.

And to further that point, customers want to hear a voice because they want to be heard. They want to know that your small business has their best interests at heart. And for these reasons, an automated answering service for your small business will make it more efficient in the eyes of our customers, and in the operational workflow of your staff.

2. Multiple Services

With a live answering service for your small business, you can take advantage of the various benefits that come with it. For example, if a call is an emergency, then perhaps you have a call routing system in place so the caller can always reach you. Or perhaps a particular call is about appointment scheduling, which you don’t need to personally handle, so the business phone service can take care of it instead.

On the other hand, perhaps you want the message sent to you in real-time, but cannot be bothered with a phone call, in which case a text message can be sent (whether through standard texting, email, or perhaps your business mobile app).

The bottom line is that with an automated answering service for your small business, you have various options when it comes to organizing, prioritizing, and receiving your messages or phone calls.

3. Happy Customers

When growing a business (or just keeping steady), it is crucial to keep your customers coming back. You can rest assured that they will not come back if they don’t feel like they are being taken care of. Your products or services aren’t going to get the job done alone if they feel ignored when they call or can’t get through.

The best answering service for small businesses is the one that keeps the customers satisfied. As mentioned, customers want to be heard, regardless of what they are calling about. Whether scheduling an appointment, asking a question, or even calling to complain about something, having a live answering service will keep your business in their favor.

Additionally, it is important to remember that this is a review-based world. Customers are just as likely to leave a bad review for service they disapprove of as they are to leave a glowing review for feeling taken care of. Positive reviews can help your business tremendously. After all, consumers trust other consumers more than business advertising, etc.

Therefore, have an automated answering service in place for your small business so your customers can feel like they are taken care of, and leave positive reviews in your favor.

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You want your calls to be taken care of regardless of the reason, whether or not it falls within business hours, and no matter how busy you are. Only with an automated phone answering service can your small business pull all of this off.

Make better use of time management, be more efficient by relying on multiple services and tools at once, and keep your customers happy. These are the basic tenants of a business answering service, and you can implement them into your small business.

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