Why Your Practice Needs A Dental Answering Service

Dentist Answering Service

Your thriving dental practice is getting dozens of calls a day from new inquiries, existing patients and more. You can’t ignore these calls, but you can’t afford to pick up the phone yourself each and every time it rings.

No matter what the size of your dental practice, you need help when it comes to answering phones. That’s exactly why dental answering services are the best choice for any dental practice that needs a helping hand.

Here are three great reasons why your practice needs a dental answering service:

  1. It allows you to concentrate on what you do best.You spent time in dental school for a reason. So did the hygienists and specialists in your practice. The reason wasn’t to pick up the phone when it rings. Dental offices get unique types of calls, so you may think that outsourcing your incoming calls is impossible. But a professional answering service that specializes in dental calls can take each and every client situation in stride.By freeing up your staff’s time to spend with patients, your patients get more attention – and they are more likely to be happy with their visit, which is important considering the fact that many people resist coming to the dentist in the first place. In short, a dental answering service can keep you in business by allowing you to focus on patient satisfaction and high quality care.
  1. You can make a great impression with callers.The quality of care your patients receive starts with their first interaction with your practice – and that’s normally over the phone. A dental answering service is a must-have for any busy practice. Having a flustered and overwhelmed on-site receptionist or office manager answer the phones is a recipe for disaster. You might lose business because the caller doesn’t want to come to a practice that can’t put them at ease. With a dental answering service, you’ll be sure that each call is answered and handled politely and professionally, which puts new patients at ease right from the start.
  1. You can give your patients what they need.Dental offices get two main types of calls – emergency calls and regular appointments. When it comes to the first type of call, the last thing your caller wants is to reach an automated voicemail line. They want to speak to someone immediately! With a dental answering service, they’ll get just that, with 24/7/365 coverage. As an added bonus, an answering service can extend your hours and answer live calls even when your physical office is closed. They can relay emergency information to you, if necessary, and your callers can get exactly what they need.

Dental answering services can put patients at ease, and comply with all HIPAA laws regarding patient confidentiality. There’s no reason why your practice shouldn’t use this great resource…starting right now!

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