Why Your Small Business Still Needs an Answering Service

Sure, email, text messaging and social media are all common, daily use tools these days. Does this mean that the need for a professional telephone answering service is gone? Far from it!

Despite the advancements in technology, your small business still needs an answering service to help clients get the help they need anytime – without putting extra stress on you and your staff.

A Small Business Answering Service Makes Sense

Even though modern technology makes it easier for customers to reach out and connect with you, it’s a bit of a double-edged sword. Today’s customers expect lightning-quick responses to their questions, which can leave small business owners scrambling to cover every call. If owners aren’t answering the calls themselves, they have another staff member do it, which interrupts their other work and drives down productivity.

As a small business, you’ve got a lot to get done. Whether you’re a team of one or 50, your time is better spent working at what you do best rather than answering the phones. Virtual answering services can help take that important, always-on task off of your plate completely. Your answering service team will answer incoming calls to your specifications (using a custom greeting or series of customer service questions). They can take messages for your staff to follow up with later, or transfer the party to the right staff member that can help them right away. This support empowers you and your team to decide when to respond to customer calls rather than being ruled by the ringing phone all day. It reduces the pressure to always be “on” and decreases stress for your staff.

As an added benefit, a small business answering service can also help boost your company’s bottom line in two major ways. First, it opens up your call hours to 24/7 – which means there are more opportunities to find new clients. Whether callers are placing orders in the middle of the night with a call center operator, or relaying an important message to their attorney, virtual receptionists can help around-the-clock. This can boost your reputation within the community as a company that cares – which can also lead to new sales.

By using a virtual receptionist you’ll be able to save money on your business expenses. Small business virtual receptionist services are less pricy than full-time, on-site receptionists. Using this type of service gives you the peace of mind that the phones are being answered, without adding a major expense to your growing business.

Your small business still needs an answering service! What are you waiting for?

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