Canoga Park California Answering Service

Formerly known as the city of Owensmouth, Canoga Park is located about 25 miles to the northwest of downtown LA and is situated in California’s San Fernando Valley. The city was divided up into three separate cities with a segment of the eastern area renamed Winnetka and a portion of the western area being renamed West Hills. With the city’s population approaching the 60,000 mark, Canoga Park is one of the San Fernando Valley’s larger cities. Interestingly enough, as of the end of the 1st quarter in 2009, the median annual income is almost $60,000.

Despite the fact that the US economy has been very unstable since the 4th quarter of 2008, it does not appear to be impacting the San Fernando Valley’s diverse business cultures. It is also the home of quite a diverse population and comprised of a combination of commercial areas, light industry, and suburban neighborhoods. Regardless, the demands and stress of owning and operating a business in Canoga Park are no different from the more populated areas to the south.

If you own a business in the 818 area code (Canoga Park) or the cities of Bell Canyon, Box Canyon, West Hills, Winnetka, and Woodland Hills, and you are concerned about how efficiently your bulk calling volumes are being met, you should consider using a California answering service in Canoga Park. There is nothing that clients and customers detest more than automated answering systems and not being able to talk with a “live” human being.

This has become a critical issue in recent years and is one of the reasons that individuals have the tendency to avoid doing business with companies who are inept at customer service and use automated systems to cover their operations when they are out of the office or on the road. Consider some of the more significant benefits of having a Canoga Park live answering service in order to handle the demands of your telecommunications needs. Naturally, the aspect of having a live receptionist provides you with more advantages and our Canoga Park answering service ensures that you never miss a call again.

For all practical purposes, our live receptionists are skilled at representing your company and the products or services that you sell. We can enhance a variety of your company’s functions such as its image, your sales figures, and your profitability. We offer diverse business solutions using the state of art technological innovations and hi-end communication equipment to provide you 24 x 7 service with additional facilities such as:

  • Around the clock telephone coverage before, during, and after normal hours of operation (even on holidays and weekends)
  • Fax, VoIP, call forwarding and routing system
  • Technical and emergency service dispatch
  • Customized greetings in different languages, so that you can accommodate non-English speaking customers
  • Excellent message delivery, forwarding, and retrieval capabilities
  • Local and toll-free telephone numbers
  • Sales lead generation
  • Live operators and auto attendants

Our business consulting capabilities and telephone etiquette will have callers appreciating that they are talking to a professional who knows your products and/or services and can assist them with any and all customer service issues or sales leads

Our multilingual services ensure that none of your customers are disappointed while the toll-free number gives your business national exposure and enhances your calling volumes. Additionally, our multi-facilities and over 35 years of experience in the call center industry have enabled us to understand individual business requirements ranging from small businesses to large organizations.

If you have been searching for a live answering service in Canoga Park and you want to know more about Answering Service Care and how we can help you expand your business and achieve your goals, please feel free to contact us, so we can assist you and answer any questions you may have.