Bridgeport Connecticut Answering Service

Answering Service Care offers businesses in Bridgeport, Connecticut and the surrounding towns of Trumbull, Easton and Stratford, the premier telephone answering service available in the United States and globally. In an increasingly competitive business environment where companies may downsize and eliminate valuable telephone communication personnel, a first-rate telephone answering service can not only ensure you maintain and service customers, clients or members but help you to grow your market share.

Many enterprises totally underestimate the importance telephone customer service plays in their businesses. Often, as a result must deal with enraged clients, squandered sales, or canceled service contracts. Studies have demonstrated that when people call a business, they expect to talk to a live person. Seven out of ten customers who fail to reach a live person to respond to their needs will move on to a competitor better prepared to provide the service they need. Answering Service Care can help your company avoid this hit on you bottom line.
First settled in 1659, Bridgeport was not incorporated until1836. As the largest city in Connecticut, with a population of approximately137, 912 residents, the circus magnate P.T Barnum called the city home and served as mayor. Bridgeport also has the distinction as the home of the first Subway restaurant. For many years, the traditional economic base for the region consisted heavily of manufacturing. Today, it has evolved into a majority service-oriented economy.

Bridgeport also serves as a major financial center for the New England area. If your company offers professional services, such as law, insurance, real estate or financial service, Answering Service Care can provide you with a Connecticut answering service solution to help you improve the current level of customer service. For startup enterprises, investing resources in an answering service company with state-of-the-art answering service hardware may prove pivotal in projecting a positive and “large-company” image. Making the right choice in this crucial area may determine the degree of your success in this competitive environment.

Individuals or companies in the trades, including carpentry, plumbing, painting, electrical, or heating and air conditioning can also enhance the level of services you give to current customers or clients. Whether you have a one-man operation or 50 or more employees, Answering Service Care can help your operations become more efficient and productive without the need to hire additional staff. You can actually deliver more effective phone coverage at just a fraction of the cost you might incur for employee salaries, benefits, and other expenses.
Some businesses may require evenings, weekends, or even other time zones. Whatever your Bridgeport, Connecticut business needs may be, and regardless of the industry you represent, , contact Answering Service Care. Our staff will work with you to create a call service solution that fits your operational needs and your budget.