Hartford Connecticut Answering Service

Service-related businesses in Hartford, Connecticut, and the towns of East Hartford, Wethersfield Newington, or Bishops Corner, can benefit from Answering Service Care experience and expertise working with companies in a wide variety of industries. We provide Connecticut answering services to family-owned businesses, small companies, and large corporations. Whether you have an established business or a new venture, you can reap significant benefits from live telephone operators servicing your most valuable assets – your clients or customers.

The Dutch settled in the area in 1933. Englishmen established residence in the capital of Connecticut in 1635 and called the area Newtown. Situated along the Connecticut River, and incorporated in 1854, Hartford has a population of approximately 124,512 people. Because Hartford serves as headquarters for several well-known insurance companies, including Aetna, The Hartford Financial Group, and Travelers Property Casualty Corp, many refer to the town as the “Insurance Capital of the World.”

Hartford’s 100-miles proximity to two of America’s major cities, Boston and New York City, gives Hartford-area businesses access to more than 100 million consumers. Answering Service Care works with clients seeking to grow their market or retain their existing customers. Professional service providers or construction and remodeling companies must acknowledge that customers and potential customers want to feel important. Once you spend the money to acquire customers, do not make the mistake of not having staff in place to take phone calls and service them appropriately.

Sometimes, new companies or businesses that need to control the budget or downsize cut expenses in this area. They allow many route callers to voice mail, or wait in a queue for service. Research has proven that this approach can have a negative effect on your business because customers prefer to talk to a live person. A Purdue University study reported that 70 percent of the people who dial up a company would not leave a message if the call goes to voice mail or an automated system. Use the professional Answering Service Care staff to help you build customer loyalty.

We can help any type of business-evenings, weekends, or 24/7. We customize our services according to your industry and operations. Answering Service Care will collaborate with you to keep your customer base happy and intact. Hiring an experienced company with proven expertise in the answering service company can also help you expand your customer base and simultaneously control your cost.

Answering Service Care offers state-of-the-art answering service technology and can provide you with a local or toll-free 800 number. Customers calling about products or services, scheduling appointments, or arranging meetings will believe they have the attention of a caring receptionist in your office. You can have all of the accouterments of a high-performance call center without any regarding concerning salaries, benefits, or training. Contact Answering Service Care right now to create a solution that works for your business at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house staff.