Norwalk Connecticut Answering Service

Answering Service Care professional live operators and technology solutions can help any Norwalk, Connecticut business maintain customers and clients or increase sales. Our family-owned and operated company has 35 years of experience delivering affordable Connecticut answering service to all kinds of businesses – medical, legal, construction, real estate, and other professional and trade-related companies. You can gain a decided advantage by employing our company to ensure professional and reliable service for your customers, patients, or clients.

Founded in 1640, Norwalk not incorporated until 1651. The town’s traditional economic base consisted of agriculture, manufacturing, shipbuilding, and coastal trade. The city has maintained a national reputation as Connecticut’s top oyster farming region. As part of Fairfield County and over 83,185 residents, Norwalk makes up the sixth largest city in Connecticut. Located 48 miles northeast of New York City, Norwalk constitutes part of the New York City metropolitan region. The town economy still relies on manufacturing oyster farming, but professional business and consumer services and health care enterprises now make up a significant portion of the local economy. Regardless of your specialty, Answering Service Care can help you rise above your rivals.

Whether your objective lies in improving the quality of your callers’ interaction with your business, or growing your customer base, Answering Service Care have solutions that we can customize to provide viable and effective solutions. We customize each plan to fit the needs of the business.. Our client includes physicians, lawyers, real estate agents, electricians, and heating contractors. We train our staff to become knowledgeable about the intricacies of your industry and company. With some of the most competent best-trained phone agents in the business, be assured your calls will receive the most effective and professional attention.

Many businesses that rely on voice mail to handle their calls may be surprised at the effect on their companies’ image and profits. Research has shown you may lose as much as 70 percent of your callers to your competitors because seven out of ten people refuse to leave messages on answering machines. How much does it cost you in profits if you miss calls when attending meetings, out in the field or do not have weekend and holiday phone coverage? How many of your clients or patients lack faith that they can reach you in their time of need? Answering Service Care has the experience and you need to protect your most valuable assets – your customers or clients.
Whether you need help to manage inbound calls during non-office hours or 24×7, our live operators and cutting-edge technology can become an indispensable and valuable resource for your business. Small companies seeking an edge over larger better-funded competition should focus on their telephone customer service. Team up with the best company in the answering service industry – Answering Service Care.

When your customers or clients call your office, impress them with the warm, caring, and professional attention they deserve. Answering Service Care offers reliable, low-cost, high-quality answering services that have a local feel. Allow us to help you enhance your customer service and your bottom line.