Stratford Connecticut Answering Service

Answering Service Care works with large and small Stratford and Bridgeport, Connecticut businesses to help improve customer service. Our family-owned answering service company has 35 years of experience providing exceptional answering services to all types of businesses. Located on the Long Island Sound, sixteen Puritan families from England founded Stratford in 1639 after escaping from religious persecution. Many of the descendants of the original founders still reside in the area.

Located in Fairfield County “Gold Coast” region, Stratford, CT has a population of 50,100. The town has a picturesque waterfront, including more than 14 miles of coastline and the Housatonic River on the eastern border. CNN named it one of the best 100 Places to live in 2007. Stratford, CT has always played an important role in the aviation industry; the world’s largest helicopter manufacturer, Sikorsky Aircraft makes the town its home. Over 41 percent of the city’s economic base consists of service-related businesses – the types of companies that can benefit the most from Answering Service Care over three decades of proven experience and proficiency in providing the best Connecticut answering service in the business.

Whether your enterprise is a Fortune 500 company or a small business competing with the big boys, Answering Service Care appreciates the nuances and resources involved with growing your company and maintaining your customer or client base. The global business consulting firm Bain & Company states that:

  • Over five years, businesses on average lose up to 50 percent of their customers
  • The cost of acquiring clients and customers is six to seven times the cost of retaining customers
  • Companies that see a five percent increase in retaining their clientele realize a 5 to 95 percent increase in profits

When you consider that 70 percent of potential customers hang up and call competitors when they get a business’s voice mail, you can better understand the importance good telephone customer service has on your profits.
Answering Service Care trains a team of three or four agents to become familiar with the dynamics of your company; the operators actually function and blend in seamlessly with your Stamford or Bridgeport business operations. Your clients or customers will believe that the receptionists sit just outside your office door. We understand the need to build lasting relationships with clientele. That helps you to capture a larger share of the market have business build.

For a fraction of the money, you spend to hire, train, accommodate, and pay staff; Answering Service Care professional live operators can manage your phones. This allows you and your staff to focus your time and efforts on other aspects of growing your business. We work with you to develop a customized program to ensure phone agents comply with your instructions when dealing with customers. Furthermore, you can use specialized reports to monitor the agents’ performance.

Put our answering service technology to work for your company. Whether you need local or toll-free phone numbers, weekend, or year-round service, you can count on Answering Service Care to service your members, patients, clients, or customers.