Athens Georgia Answering Service

Athens, Georgia businesses that hire Answering Service Care to take charge of their telephone calls can provide superior telephone service to their callers for much less than the cost of employing their own receptionist or staff. Imagine – never miss another sales or service call; and, retain loyal satisfied clients, patients, or customers by delivering effective and personable phone service. Our family- owned managed and operated Georgia answering service company has been providing superior telephone customer service for over 35 years. We value the city’s reputation for its unique mixture of southern heritage and trendy amenities and cater to these attributes.

Incorporated in 1806, Athens, GA has the distinction of becoming the location of the first state-supported college in the United States – the University of Georgia — in 1785. Like many Georgia towns and cities, Athens, GA used it local resources –proximity to the Oconee River and an abundance of cotton plantations — to develop a vibrant local economy around cotton and textile manufacturing. It helped in the creation of many merchants’ mill owners, aristocrats, planters and college professors. Currently Athens has a population of 115,498. Answering Service Care works with professional, trades and service-related companies that make up a significant percentage of the city’s current commercial base. Look at some of the service we offer:

  • Free Local and Toll-Free Numbers
  • Emergency Medical and Technical Dispatch Services
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Live Operators
  • Call Screening
  • Virtual Receptionist

Answering Service Care has built a national reputation for excellence and cutting-edge answering service solutions built around tools and live operator services.

In fact, Answering Service Care live operator services alone may be sufficient to help business owners in virtually any field take their operations to a higher level. A well-know business consultant conducted a survey of consumers who switched to a competitor service or product. Sixty-eight percent of the respondents stated they changed products or service providers because they felt “taken for granted” and/or “unappreciated.” When you consider companies spend up to seven times as much resources to attract customers, patients or clients than to retain them — shoring up this area presents an opportunity to reap tremendous benefits for the bottom line of an organization.

Harvard Business Review states reducing your client retention loss by five percent had the effective of a 25 to 95 percent increase in profits. If you depend on voice mail or an answering machine to manage your calls, Answering Service Care live operators give you a warm voice, which callers tend to appreciate more than impersonal technology. We assign a Client Care Team to your account; each member of your team learns the nuances of your business operations. We work with you to formulate a script for your business – starting with the greeting for your callers. Our staff functions as an extension of your organization. They communicate with your callers in a warm friendly manner, which engenders customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Contact Answering Service Care and learn how we can work with you to establish guidelines and responses designed specifically for your profession or service operations. Our high-quality answering service solutions provide Athens, Georgia businesses cost-effective tools to separate your customer service from the rest of the pack.