Savannah Georgia Answering Service

Business enterprises in Savannah, Georgia, and the cities of Thunderbolt, Garden City, Port Winter and Hunter AAF, can attain a competitive advantage with Answering Service Care state-of-the art telephone communication solutions. With over 35 years in the Georgia answering service business, we understand what it takes for any enterprise to deliver high-quality telephone service to its clients. Professionals, home-based entrepreneurs and service-related companies in this historic region a rich tradition of enterprise and commerce to follow when it comes to catering to the needs of residents and other businesses.

In 1733, 114 colonists arrived from England and located in the area off the Savannah River. Their arrival as the last of the original thirteen colonies heralded the beginning of the unique history of Savannah, GA and its status as the oldest city in the state. The town served as the state’s first capital, until 1786. The local economy centered on cotton and rice. Savannah developed into one of the major cotton-shipping ports with an international reputation. With a current population of 129,286, 65% of Savannah’s commercial consist of sales, construction, professionals and service businesses. With business competition very strong for consumer and business dollars, Answering Service Care can help your operation stand out with superior customer service.

Answering Service Care has developed its knowledge and expertise by delivering answering services across a wide variety of industries. Our technological-advance communication infrastructure enables us to provide you with effective, cost-efficient telephone service. It gives your operations credibility and callers receive the satisfaction they expect when they call your office or place of business. Whether you just opened the doors of your operations or seek to grow your customer base, we provide high-performance solutions for managing your phones. Look at just a few of the types of businesses we serve:

  • Medical and Healthcare Professionals
  • Consulting Firms
  • Construction and Trades Companies
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Attorneys
  • Independent Contractors
  • Sales Professionals
  • Travel Agents

Answering Service Care live telephone answering services, which act as an extension of your company operations, can provide immediate benefits in a number of areas. For example, consider that 7 out of 10 callers do not leave messages on answering machines or voice mail. If you rely on one of these devices, you undoubtedly are losing potential business.

In addition, 90 percent of business callers state they form an opinion — positive or negative – about a business based on their telephone interface. Imagine the effect on your profit margin if you currently use an answering machine or voice mail – or lose customers for any reason. The Harvard Business Review reported that reducing your customer retention loss by five percent could mean up to a 95 percent increase in profits. Can You really afforded not to have an answering service company manage your phones?

Contact Answering Service Care today. Find out how we can customize an answering service plan for your Savannah, Georgia operations. It will cost you less than hiring you own receptionist or staffing a telephone service unit.