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HIPAA-Compliant and Secure

Medical offices both small and large are always striving to improve customer care, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by partnering with a medical answering service and creating a customized medical answering service package.

Today’s medical patients have a lot of medical office phone coverage options when it comes to providers, especially in larger markets. That’s why it’s more important than ever that offices like yours can provide the level of care that they’re expecting.

After all, medical offices are another type of service provider, even though the services you provide may be much more important in the long run than those of other professions. Your patients are also your customers, so utilizing tactics designed to improve customer care can also help improve patient care in a huge variety of ways.

Answering Service Care has been providing HIPAA-compliant medical answering service options to medical offices like yours since 1974, and we’ve got the process down cold. Not only is your patient health information kept secure by continual operator training and other upgrades, but your patients are also treated like our own customers.

Here are a few ways we can help up your patient experience and help you earn lots of gold stars:

Whether your patients are calling because their child has a fever or their crown just fell out, it’s important that they connect with a real, live human who can address their concerns and assure them that a real, live person will be there to help.With a well-put-together medical answering service package, we can also triage your calls, based on information you provide, and send emergency calls to your on-call person, either by patching or through secure messaging. This way your callers don’t have to endure long waits in emergency rooms over issues that will wait until the morning, especially if all they really need is a little reassurance that they’re going to be fine.

Handling appointments may be one of the most time-consuming parts of a medical office worker’s day.Patients make those appointments, then they call to change them when they realize there’s a conflict, and maybe they change them again a few days later, or cancel completely before starting the whole process over the following week. With a dedicated appointment-setting queue, you don’t have to siphon vital minutes away from your in-office staff to handle these changes in the itinerary. Instead, your answering service team can simply update your calendar in real time as your patients’ schedules change.

There’s nothing more frustrating or confusing that telephone trees that go on forever. Instead of relying on a phone tree to direct all your traffic, a combination of phone trees and trained medical answering service operators can help get callers to their destinations faster, with less frustration. And that’s a recipe for incredibly happy patients, every single day.

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A medical answering service package from Answering Service Care combines the best of patient privacy and customer care to create a perfect client care solution. Give us a call today at (800) 430-6511 or drop us an email to get started on your custom quote!