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Valuable Reasons To Start Using Patient Appointment Software

These days, your office and your patients are busier than ever.

That means more calls to your office to swap their appointment times, creating even more of a logjam on the telephone. What if there was a patient appointment software service that could take all that traffic away without losing the patients? Your medical answering service holds the answer.

Patient Appointment Software Can Revolutionize Patient Care

It absolutely seems like a tiny thing, patient appointment scheduling, but if you sat down and calculated just how much time your staff spends managing with the patient schedule, you’d see that those little five minute calls here and there add up and they add up fast. It’s not that anyone is a problem, but when considered together, well, they’re seriously affecting your patient care and office performance.

This is where your medical answering service comes in. An answering service company like Answering Service Care offers patient appointment software services for offices like yours.

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They’re incredibly valuable features in packages meant for businesses requiring HIPAA-compliance, for reasons that include:

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Right now, your patients have to schedule while you’re in the office, but that can be a problem if they’re typically at work when you are. You’ll have fewer last-minute cancellations or appointment changes if you create more opportunities for those patients to keep you in the loop as their lives change. You don’t necessarily have to go all out and have 24/7 appointment setting in place, but extended hours can certainly help ensure that everyone is on the same page.

When everyone in the office is scrambling for the phone every time it rings, it can create chaos in an already stressful situation. Add to this mad scramble different people making appointments for patients and what you have is a giant mess. That’s no way to run a medical office. A patient appointment queue is relatively black-and-white, giving you a tidy way to manage the day without wondering if there’s a sticky note hiding somewhere with a hastily scribbled appointment on it.

A constantly ringing phone is a psychological drain on your team. Even if they let it go to voicemail, they’ve already broken their focus and it’s going to take time to find their way back to the place they left off in the work they were doing. It might not matter so much for staff that’s meant to be mainly working on the phone, but if your front desk team also answers the phone, or your back office staff helps out with scheduling appointments, the constant ringing can send out shockwaves. For example, you’d never want your insurance billers to make a mistake because their focus was blown. That could be costly, indeed.

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