Brookline Massachusetts Answering Service

Brookline, Chestnut Hill and Boston College, Massachusetts professionals and business owners understand that collaborating with a premier company like Answering Service Care provides significant benefits to their operations. While voice mail, answering machines and cellular telephones may provide good tools for staying in contact and communication with staff and business partners, discerning customers, patients or clients become impatient with technology. You can rise above your rivals by providing a more personal touch. Our live operator service and superior communication tools helps thousand of businesses deliver warm and friendly services that people appreciate.

Settled by European in the early 17th century, and named after the brooks that form the town’s border, Brookline, MA received its corporate charter in 1705. Positioned three miles southwest of Boston, the city consist of unique neighborhoods and serves as the birthplace of John F. Kennedy. The city has a current population of an estimated 58,000 residents. Over 80 percent of the residents 25-64 of age have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Whether your business caters to consumers, businesses or both, the perception of your operations must pass the test of some of the most astute patients, clients or customer in the world. Our Massachusetts Answering Service has a 35 years history of delivering superior telephone answering services to a wide variety of companies in nearly every industry imaginable.

Doctors, dentists, lawyers and other professionals can depend on the proficiency that has earned Answering Service Care the respect and trust of companies around the world. We have outperformed others in this very competitive industry because we treat our clients’ business and accept their challenges as our own. From the moment you collaborate with Answering Service Care, we immediately assign a Customer Care Team to your account. These agents follow a script for your operations and approved by you. The members of the team are professional well-trained live agents who learn the nuance of your Brookline, Chestnut Hill or Boston College business. Our agents will answer calls using your preferred greeting and relay or gather information according to your specifications.

Answering Service Care understands that when patients, clients or customers have a problem or decide to purchase a product or service, they want to talk to a live person. Studies have demonstrated that seven out of ten callers will not leave a message if they receive an answering machine of voice mail. For first time callers, these devices do not exude the warmth, image and credibility they trust. Seventy percent of the callers hang up. If they seek immediate service, they may move on to the next company on the list. After all, if they cannot reach a live person to inquire about your services, surely they may not be able to reach anyone when they truly have a problem.

Our mission centers on providing you the support and services that will contribute to the stability and growth of your operations. Call Answering Service Care and learn how we can put our business telephone solutions to work for you at a mere fraction of the cost to field your own staff.