New Bedford Massachusetts Answering Service

New Bedford and Acushnet, Massachusetts professional, sales and trades businesses can obtain a significant advantage by teaming up with Answering Service Care to deliver top-notched telephone customer service to their patients, clients or customers. People may like your product or services, but if they feel unappreciated, you risk losing their business. Replacing a customer will cost you six to seven times the expense of retaining them. Our New Massachusetts answering service can help any business in “The Whaling City” improve its retention rate.

Receiving a town charter in1787, New Bedford developed a flourish local economy around whaling, production of exquisite cotton goods and fisheries. The city, which sits just 28 miles south of Boston, comprises the seventh most populous city in Massachusetts with approximately 100,000 residents. Today, the commercial fishery industry remains as a vital cog in the local economy. Manufacturing, tourism and service-related enterprises also make significant contributions to the area’s commercial foundation. Your profession or business does not matter; Answering Service Care has accumulated 35 years of experience collaborating with enterprises from nearly every sector imaginable. Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Lawyers
  • Physicians, dentists and other health care professionals
  • Movers, towing companies and transport services
  • Electricians, plumbers, painters, repair technicians, heating and air conditioning technicians
  • Financial services, real estate brokers, insurance brokers

If you still use voice mail or an answering machine to manage your calls, the chance are you lose a significant amount of potential business.

Research has demonstrated that 70 percent of callers do not leave messages when they reach these devices. Having an Answering Service Care professionally trained live operator can immediately pay dividends in the form of increased sales or requests for service. When a consumer makes a decision to purchase a service or product out of necessity or desire, he or she usually move to consummate transactions at that point or soon thereafter. If the person calls your New Bedford, MA business and fails to speak to a person, he may hang up the phone.

Many potential customers believe that if they have a problem reaching a person to conduct business, they will have difficulty reaching a person when in need of support or emergency services. Therefore, many people go on to call your competitors — who have a customer service skilled person on the other end of the phone. Answering Service Care solutions can also provide alternatives for business owners seeking to cut expenses or move staff from phones to other tasks and responsibilities.

Answering Service Care immediately assigns a Customer Care Team to learn the dynamics of your business. They follow a script unique to your operations while blending into the fabric of your New Bedford or Acushnet business. Your callers will not only feel respected and appreciated but also really believe our operators are your own in-house receptionists. Call Answering Service Care and learn how we can help you enhance your telephone customer service for a very affordable price.