Bethesda Maryland Answering Service

Bethesda, Maryland is located to the north and west of Washington, DC and is one of the most highly educated and affluent communities in the US. It placed first on the list of the most educated smaller towns in the US according to Forbes Magazine. Additionally, the Forbes edition that was released in April of 2009 stated that Bethesda finished second on the “America’s Most Livable Cities” list. The city is also recognized for the Bethesda Medical Center which has cared for a number of ailing US Presidents in the past.

Demographics and the economy

From a demographic and economic standpoint, Bethesda is a very wealthy and highly educated community. Between 2000 and 2009, the average median household income increased over $30,000 annually from just over $99,000 to over $129,400. Over 27% of the workforce lives and works within the city and during the daytime, the population increases nearly 70% due to commuters coming into the city to their jobs. For the most part, money comes into the city instead of leaving it.

Another key factor is that Bethesda’s unemployment rate is nearly 2% lower than the Maryland state average (5.2% compared to 7.1%). Although you would never know it, that unemployment rate has increased from around 3% in 2007 to where it currently sits. Imagine living in a city where 97% of the working population had a steady job compared to what it is in most larger US cities today. No doubt the city felt an impact with the economic downturn of late 2008, but smaller businesses in the city are surviving quite well today.

Other considerations

Being a city with a large medical community, there is a great need for the health care professionals to be constantly available to serve the needs of their patients. The everyday responsibilities of a physician and other medical professionals can be very demanding. Immediate response is required whenever an emergency situation arises. But what if your business has nothing to do with emergency services or health care? For the small business owner, the demands are no less rigorous.

Since the economic collapse of 2008, many small businesses in other urban areas have either closed their doors or relocated further out in order to continue their operations. There was probably some impact in the Bethesda area, but many small businesses were able to stand their ground and continued to survive. Certain business solutions such as a live answering service in Bethesda enabled many smaller businesses to keep pace with the competition and stay on top of market trends that applied to their company.

Consider hiring Answering Service Care

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