Michigan Answering Service

Two beautiful peninsulas united by a bridge of steel.”

That’s from the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of Michigan. The very fact that there is such a pledge shows how much pride Michiganders take in their state. It’s vital, therefore, that your business use a top-quality Michigan telephone answering service to enhance your image and brand status.
The pride evident in the pledge is no surprise. Look at the words: beautiful; united; bridge; steel – all good things; together, the ingredients of a great state.

That’s why you, the small-business person, have tons of competition. And that’s why you need a great answering service. It’s the best way to grow your business while saving money.

Answering Service Care is THE BEST Michigan answering service.

Our live telephone operators are fully trained and equipped with the latest and best technology. We provide a full array of answering services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – or only when you need us.
From Detroit to Kalamazoo, we’ll fulfill all of your Michigan answering service needs. We’re the most experienced and trusted name in the business. We’ll fully customize your service to meet your exact specifications.

Our Michigan answering services include:

  • appointment scheduling, confirmations and cancellations
  • voicemail and message delivery
  • full emergency contact services for medical professionals, repair technicians, etc.
  • your own local or toll-free 800 phone number
  • a virtual office, and even a local address, to use for correspondence and business transactions

Our professional, experienced staff will handle your telephone calls with the same care and sensitivity as you would yourself.
The big advantage is that, by using our Michigan answering service, you can save yourself the expense of hiring more staff or expanding facilities.

In other words, you can enhance your company’s image, impress customers or clients, grow your business – and still save money.

It ain’t  just cars!

When most people think of Michigan, they think of the automotive industry. And, of course, there are many small businesses that serve that giant industry and need a good telephone answering service.

But Michigan is so much more.

There’s steel manufacturing in cities like Detroit and Flint. There’s a major trade center in Grand Rapids, where you can also find thriving appliance, furniture and paper products industries.
Ann Arbor, site of the University of Michigan, is a leading educational and medical hotspot. Scientific instruments and precision machinery are also made there.

And of course, there’s a thriving recording and entertainment industry in Detroit, aka “Motown.”
Michigan is the nation’s leading industrial state, as well as the eighth-largest in population.
It’s truly teeming with ways a small business like yours can make money – if you have the all-important edge on your competition that a great Michigan answering service provides.

Here’s a partial list of industries we serve:

  • automobile bodies and parts; all other automotive-related businesses
  • doctors, dentists and other medical professionals
  • educational institutions
  • non-profit organizations
  • manufacturers of scientific instruments, precision machinery, computers, robotics
  • PC tech support providers
  • plumbers
  • roofers and pavers
  • tree, lawn, landscape and garden specialists
  • air conditioning, refrigerator and appliance maintenance and repair

In other words, just about any small business in Michigan can benefit from our top-quality Michigan Answering Service.

Since our founding in 1974, our family-owned and -operated company has been guided by a simple, dual philosophy: stay current with the latest technology, but maintain the old-fashioned touch.
From Alpena to Ann Arbor, our Michigan answering service, with its professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment, gives you that unbeatable combination.

Also, we don’t outsource. We speak your language. You’ll never miss a call, and every caller will get a good first impression of your business.

No matter what field you’re in, you can improve your competitive position by using a Michigan answering service you can trust and rely on. Answering Service Care has been proving its reliability for 34 years.

Our name says it all: WE CARE.

Here are just some of the Michigan cities we serve.

  • Detroit
  • Grand Rapids
  • Warren
  • Sterling Heights
  • Flint
  • Lansing
  • Ann Arbor
  • Livonia
  • Dearborn
  • Westland
  • Clinton
  • Troy
  • Saginaw
  • Pontiac
  • Kalamazoo

Answering Service Care services all 50 states and many countries internationally. This nationwide answering service works to connect the globe at the efficiency and speed that your company deserves.