Upper Peninsula Michigan Answering Service

The northern portion of Michigan’s two major land masses is referred to as the Upper Peninsula. Geographically, it is bordered by the St. Mary’s River on the east, Lake Superior to the north, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan to the southeast, and Wisconsin on the southwest. Although the Upper Peninsula contains about 25% of the total Michigan land area, only 3% of the state’s total population resides here. Surprisingly, there are a number of businesses in existence in the smaller towns of the Upper Peninsula that are doing quite well and have been successful at keeping their doors open.

One of the reasons that the Upper Peninsula’s business communities have been surviving and flourishing is the fact that there are several industries that contribute to the area’s economic base. First and foremost, the Upper Peninsula is rich in certain natural resources such as copper, iron, nickel, and silver. Another factor is the logging industry which dates back to the 1880’s and now the numerous stands of hardwood and hemlock have become a target of this industry. Finally, the tourism industry continues to thrive and contribute to the Upper Peninsula’s economic base.

Live answering services have helped

Considering the lack of population density of the entire land mass, it is no wonder that a number of businesses have turned to a live Michigan answering service in Upper Peninsula in order to better facilitate the needs of their clients and customers. If your company has not taken advantage of this cost-effective business solution, you should consider contacting our company, Answering Service Care. For nearly 4 decades, our family owned and operated company has served numerous business communities throughout the US.

We have provided companies with a number of services and business solutions that have enabled them to not only maintain their business operations, but many have expanded their company to a regional and/or national scale in order to survive. Ask yourself the following questions and then consider how Answering Service Care can help your company expand and grow. Could your business benefit from an Upper Peninsula live answering service that provides you with:

  • 24/7/365 live operator support?
  • not having to outsource your call center?
  • 30+ years of experience in the answering service industry?


In most cases, we would ask “what businesses wouldn’t?” But these features and benefits mentioned above are merely the tip of the iceberg when you consider what other business solutions we can provide you with.

Additional services and business solutions

Call center capabilities – you can provide your clients or customers with a superior level of customer service and tech support so that you don’t have to outsource this function.

Disaster recovery – whether you’re in the emergency service or the repair and service industries, you can rely on Answering Service Care to ensure that your clients or customers are taken care of immediately.Fax to e-mail – you can receive faxes and send them from your company’s e-mail when you use our Sterling Heights live answering service.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – this computerized system will enable your clients or customers to select a customer service or sales option just by using a simple voice menu. Once they make their selection, they will immediately be directed to a live operator who can answer their questions.

For more information regarding Answering Service Care, our services, and the business solutions we can provide you with, as well as implementing a live answering service in Upper Peninsula, please contact us at the toll-free phone number above.