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This state – home of St. Louis, the “Gateway to the West” – is a gateway to something else: success, for the smart and enterprising small-businessperson.

Because of Missouri’s highly diverse economy, opportunities abound. But this is the “Show-Me State.” You have to show what you can do, and you have to stand out and be noticed to do it. That means you need an edge. How do you get that? With a good Missouri telephone answering service. It’s a great way to enhance your company’s image, set yourself apart from the competition, grow your business and save money – all at the same time!

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Our service speaks for itself: We will never obligate you to purchase services or tools you don’t need, and that’s a promise!

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Access your account 24/7 and in real-time, making changes, accessing information and sharing updates whenever needed.

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Our highly trained professional live operator team is strategically located throughout the U.S.—and only the U.S.

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Our answering service clients are empowered by the online portal we have created just for them. Just some ways you can take advantage of all of the tools at your fingertips:

Answering Service Care is THE BEST Missouri Answering Service

Our live telephone operators are fully trained and equipped with the latest and best technology. We provide a full array of Missouri answering services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – or only when you need us. Just as an example, one of our services, the medical answering service, works with FONEMED® to provide full-time telephone- or Web-based access to medical information and advice, nurse triage services, and other medical products and services. From Jefferson City to Kansas City, we fulfill all of your Missouri answering service requirements. We’re the most experienced and trusted name in the business. We fully customize the service to meet your exact specifications.

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Industries We Serve In Missouri

Missouri is the geographical center of the United States, and right in the middle among the states in almost every demographic category. It’s the heart of America. So, the key to success in the home state of Harry Truman is to follow a tried-and-true American principle: a quality product at a fair price, and the willingness to stand behind it. As a small-businessperson, isn’t that where you want your focus? You certainly don’t want to waste precious time trying to fully staff your telephones. Let the Missouri answering service pros do it for you – at a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring more staff or expanding facilities. With our Missouri Answering Service, you never miss a call, and every caller, every time, gets a great first impression of your company. Our experienced, professional staff handles your calls with the same care and sensitivity as you would yourself. Also, we don’t outsource. We speak your language.

  • doctors, dentists and other medical professionals
    lawyers and private investigators
  • PC tech support providers
  • travel agencies, tour operators and tour guides
  • plumbing, heating, air conditioning and appliance maintenance and repair
  • haulers, transport services and towing companies
  • roofers, pavers, carpenters and other construction trades
  • tree, lawn and garden specialists
  • service organizations

And Remember: In Everything We Do, We Show How Much We CARE.

Since our founding in 1974, our family-owned and -operated company has earned respect and customer loyalty by sticking with a simple, dual philosophy: stay current with the latest technology, but never lose the old-fashioned touch – the human touch. From Malden to Maryville, our Missouri answering service, with warm, friendly operators and state-of-the-art technology, gives you that unbeatable combination. No matter what business you’re in, you get a crucial edge on the competition by using a Missouri answering service you can trust and rely on. At Answering Service Care, we’ve been proving our reliability for over 40 years.

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