Cary, North Carolina Answering Service

Answering Service Care appreciates Cary, North Carolina professional, sales, trades and other service-oriented enterprises that have a mission to provide superior customer service to their customers. Many organizations become besiege with answering phones and manipulation telephone communication tools that it becomes nearly impossible to focus on other aspects of their business. Allow Answering Service Care to do what we do best – to become your North Carolina answering service company to ensure your callers receive the attention they deserve.

Cary, NC sits just eight miles west of the state capital of Raleigh. Established in 1750, the completion of the railroad lines in the mid 19th century enabled it to become a major transportation hub. Cary received its corporate charter in 1871. The city has an estimated population of 136,637. Located within 20 minutes from Duke University, North Carolina State and the University of North Carolina, two-thirds of the adults have a college degree. Professionals make up approximately 36 percent of Cary’s commercial base. Sales and services comprise another 30 percent. Answering Service Care has the expertise and resources to assist any business determined to rise above their rivals by enhancing their telephone customer service and save money in the process.

Cary business enterprises have a very competitive environment for attracting their share of consumer and business-to-business dollars. If you have a brand new business, it makes sense to employ Answering Service Care as your receptionist or for other telephone staffing needs. For just a fraction of the cost of covering salaries, benefits and office overhead, you can assure yourself of having in place one of the most important components for growing a successful business. Ninety percent of survey respondents said they form a positive or negative perception of a company based on their telephone interaction. These observations — right or wrong — can make or break your business. Here are some other statistics you should know:

  • Seventy percent of callers will not leave a message on an answering machine or voice mail.
  • Over sixty percent of people said they would cease using a service or product if they experience contentious phone interactions with a company representative.
  • The Harvard Business Review reports that keeping just five percent of your customers from leaving can increase profits anywhere from 25 to 95 percent.


Why not take immediate steps to eliminate customer service issues and prevent them from occurring? Improving your telephone customer service can eliminate the loss of potential customers; help keep your client retention levels high and increase your profit. You would be hard press to come up with better reasons for teaming with Answering Service Care to service your business callers.

Answering Service care has over three decades of experience honing our skills and developing best practices emulated throughout the entire industry. We have grown our family-owned and operated business into to a brand recognized nationally and around the globe. Contact us today; discover how we can customize a plan, especially for your Cary, North Carolina operations and budget.